Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A GREAT Mini Vacation

Hey all,

My sweet baboo had an unexpected four days off this last week.  It came at a good time since he was fighting a nasty head cold.  But better yet because we haven't had a block of time off since we moved over here.

It was an excellent four days.  The first two we just lazed around the apartment, letting him rest and get back in health.  We'd planned to go to Hong Kong on Monday/Tuesday, but decided against it at the last minute, just because we didn't want him getting too tired and relapsing.  So instead, we did some errands we've been putting off.

One of the things we haven't really done was furnish our new apartment.  We came over with just a few suitcases each and NO big things, so we pretty much started from scratch.  When we got out apartment, we bought some starter stuff and the necessities, but not a lot else.  Once Jonathon had made the final decision to stay with this company it was time to go do some SHOPPING!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Now, I'm not a major shopper.  I do what I need to do when I need to do it, but my darling hubby doesn't have to worry about taking my credit cards away.  LOL  I just don't care that much about stuff.  As long as LUCAS (my computer) works okay, and I have internet to do research, I'm a happy camper.

But it's a blast to know you have a few extra bucks and you CAN go out and get some cool stuff.  And so we did.  We actually didn't get all of what we set out to get.  (when do you ever?)  But we had fun trying.

Over here, the floors are all made of marble-like tile--no rugs--so it's bloody cold!  And as the temp drops, it's even painful to walk on it.  So a rug was first on the list.  One for the living room and in the bedroom.  We knew what we wanted, went right to where we saw it, but once we got there, they were renovating.  The rug had been moved to another store and YOU try and get directions from someone who can't speak English and can't even read a map if it's written in that language.  *sigh* 

We're going to try again tomorrow when Jonathon gets off work.

But we found some bedding we needed to keep us warm, bought wood for a project he's going to build (an entertainment center) and some really cool lamps we weren't even searching for.  And a few other things that were on the list.  Then we did something we'd really been looking forward to.  (no...not that!  *rolls eyes*)  We went to a food festival.

Now, just so you understand.  One of our favorite things to do on the planet is to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Disney's Epcot.  We've gone every year we've lived in Florida.  It's wonderful.  A perfect time to taste test a bunch of food, wine and beer and not pay out the ying yang for it.  We save all year just for this special time.  Our daughter, Jessaca, always goes with us, and it's become a family sort of tradition.

But this year, we couldn't go because we were over here and she was there.  She went with her boyfriend and had a good time, but it just wasn't the same.  So when we heard about the festival here, we were really jazzed.  It might not be the same experience, but it would be close.

So we headed to the Macau 10th Annual Food Festival.  We didn't expect much, after all some of the other festivals we've been to weren't that big a deal.  A few booths, some music...some kids dancing.  Yippee.

But we were WRONG!  This one was humongous!  Bloody huge.  It had a gazillion food booths, a big stage that had entertainment going all night long, games, and even a few handcrafts.  We were amazed.  And like Disney it was very inexpensive.  But, UNLIKE Disney, rather than getting a few bites for your buck, you got a full meal.  That's good for your pocketbook, bad for your stomach when you want to try a bunch of things. 

We spent a few hours there, enjoying the music, the food and the atmosphere, then headed home.  Full, fat and exhausted.  And spent the next day recovering.  LOL

But we also started in on decorating and making our sterile apartment a home.  I'd have done it already, but the walls are all cement over here and it takes strength and a really strong drill to even put a bloody screw in them.  So we worked together.  I'd tell him where...he'd do the work.

Seemed fair to me.  *snerk*

Anyway, it just goes to show me that even an unexpected vacation, one that you just spend at home can be awesome.  We didn't go sightsee, nor did we travel anywhere.  But we were together, we enjoyed ourselves and when he went back to work this morning, he was healthy and rested.  And that was gold to me. 

And isn't that what a vacation is supposed to do?????

Anyway, you all have a great hump day.  I'll be back on Friday with an awesome blog from my guest, PJ Dean.  I think you'll all enjoy what this author has to share with us.

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Oh, and I almost forgot...  I blogged today over at the Loose Id author blog.  I wrote a little about when a story goes all sexy on you.  LOL  Check it out and see what you think.  And leave me a comment so I know you were there!!! 

Hugs to all and I'll see you on Friday,

CJ England  

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Phylis said...

Sounds perfect!! Did you get slippers to keep feet warm?

CJ England said...

I found some basic ones. Not what I really wanted, but it will do until I find something better.