Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving REWIND

Hey all,

So how was your Thanksgiving? How about your long weekend if you were lucky enough to get one? How about Black Friday? Are you a Be-there-at-4:00am-and-buy-everything-in-sight person, or a Do-I-look-like-I’m-crazy?-I-think-I’ll-stay-at-home-and-sleep person?

As for me, even though I had another blog planned for today, since my holiday didn’t turn out to be anything like I’d mentioned last Wednesday, I thought I should let you know how things turned out.

It was an interesting day. As I told you before, Jonathon worked, and I was planning this nice meal for us—without turkey—because it was sooooo bloody expensive. Then, as I’m ready to head to the store on Wednesday evening to get all the stuff, I get a phone call from my sweet baboo. He tells me that HE will take care of Thanksgiving dinner. That I’m not to worry my pretty head about it. (Well, he didn’t say it quite that way, but you know what I mean. *snerk*)

So, since I’m always happy NOT to be the one doing the cooking, I waited. And when Thursday afternoon rolled around and he arrived home sans any foodstuffs, I had a feeling his way of taking care of it was taking ME out to dinner. Not that I mind going out usually, but I’d had my tastebuds set on a real Thanksgiving supper with all the fixins’.

Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when he told me to get dressed and within a half hour we were sitting down at a wonderful buffet at the MGM casino. And guess what? They had…

TURKEY!!!!!! (CJ does the rabbit—or should I say—turkey dance) Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!!!!!!!

And all the trimmings. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies like corn, carrots, beetroot and salads, and fresh made sesame rolls. The only thing they didn’t have was green bean casserole, so I’m gonna make that sometime next week.

Even better, they had all kinds of other food as well. So we were able to not just have our special Thanksgiving dinner (did I mention I danced?), but we were also able to try out a whole bunch of other delicious dishes. I had sushi (Jonathon hates it, so I did that all on my own), and he had several types of seafood casseroles that I tasted. And then there was rack of lamb, a huge ham, fruit, many different breads and muffins, soups, fresh crab, lobster, clams and mussels and…the list goes on and on.

Plus, they had every kind of Thanksgiving dessert you can imagine. (Okay…I admit it…I danced again.) Pumpkin pie (not so hot), cranberry-apple pie (yummy, but I make better), pecan tarts (delicious), chocolate mousse made with Baily’s Irish cream (oh-my-God-I’m-in-love good), egg custard (Jonathon liked it), and about twenty other desserts from green tea pudding to cheesecakes.

So, I have to say, I think I like it when Jonathon makes Thanksgiving dinner. LOL

Rossio—in the MGM—was the name of the restaurant we visited. The atmosphere was quiet and enjoyable and the staff excellent. Attentive, but not overly so. And, of course, the food was just awesome.

The wonderful night almost made up for the fact we missed out on the Macy’s Day Parade and the traditional football game. It helped soothe the pain of not being with my kids for the first time in their lives. And knowing my sweetheart loved me enough to find a place that had turkey for me to munch on, made this Thanksgiving Day one of the best we’ve ever had.

Share your holiday story in the comments below, and stay tuned for Wednesday’s blog when I see if you are a REAL reader or not! *grin*

Hugs to all,

CJ England  

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kittykelly28 said...

That is so sweet! :) How thoughtful of him and how cool that you guys were able to find that there. :)

Yeah for happy endings!!

kittykelly28 @

CJ England said...

Hey kittykelly28,

Yeah. Sometimes he is a real keeper. Makes up for all those times he forgets to put the toilet paper roll on the spindle. LOL

Ray said...

That sounds like a fantastic Thanksgiving meal. The last time I had something like that was five years ago at the club in Sasebo Japan.

We went to my son's house for dinner. He did the turkey and all the trimmings except the dressing that my wife fixed in the slow cooker.


CJ England said...


Stuffing in a slow cooker. My mouth is watering. Can you share the recipe?

Phylis said...

How lovely for you!!! We ate about 2:45 pm. I cooked a turkey and we cheated with the mashed potatos, gravy, stuffing. Used the easy make stuff. Then had pumpkin pie and vanilla bean icecream for dessert. Kids had to clean dishes! Was great!

CJ England said...


What a wonderful day. Sometimes you just need to relax!

Ray said...

I asked my wife if there was a special recipe for crock pot stuffing. She said you just make it the same way you always do.


CJ England said...

Hey Ray,

Thanks for checking with her. Can you ask how long to leave it cooking for? Thanks!