Friday, February 24, 2012

The Golden Statue Gets the Lighter Treatment

Hey all,

It's Friday and I thought we'd have a bit of fun today at the expense of some of those celebrities who we've paid out hundreds of dollars to see.

As some of you may be aware, this coming Sunday is the 84th annual Oscars awards.  And while it's not something I watch, (I hate awards shows) a lot of people look forward to this special night.

I read something on the internet today that seemed perfect for a Friday Lighter Side Blog.  On Yahoo they had a list of those Oscar winners who might have a few embarrassing skeletons in their closets.  I thought it was worth a look-see. 

Now some of these I agree with, but some I don't.  For example, while I do cringe every time I listen to Pierce Bronson sing in Mama Mia!, I still love that movie and enjoy watching it.  I adored Colin Firth in What a Girl Wants--silly leather pants and all.  I wanted a daddy just like him.  And my favorite role by Brad Pitt has always been his take on Death in Meet Joe Black.  He was so damn sexy, my little heart went pitta-pat.

I guess in the end it's all a matter of opinion.  One man's great movie is another man's razzberry.  My favorite movie could be the one you hate over all others.   Put thirty people in a room and you'll probably get thirty different lists.

So let's make one here.  Let's make a list of the favorite and the least favorite movies we've ever seen.  I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.  I'll even start...

My Favorite - Actually have several, but if I were to watch a movie over and over again, it would be Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.  I know it's not an Oscar  nominee, but I can watch that chick flick until my eyes bleed.  The part where he tells her he loves her just makes me melt.  *sigh*

Least Favorite - Mystery Men.  God, I hated that flick.  Bad acting, bad costumes and just overall bad.  What a waste of time and film.  I wanted back the one hundred twenty-one minutes I spent watching it.

What about you all?  Do you have a favorite or a least favorite?  Put your answers in the comments below...  Give a reason too, so we know why you feel the way you do!

Until Monday all,


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

I thought The Next Karate Kid was OK. Wild Wild West was a hoot, but I totally agree that Speed 2 should not have been made. Some of the Deck and Engineering officers on one of the ships I was on were laughing their asses off for all the mistakes in the movie.
A bow thruster cannot be operated by hand with a speed fast enough to turn a ship in the slightest. The only reason for turning it by hand would be during maintenance.
A ship cannot turn or when not in motion get out of the way when there is a potential collision from the distance shown in the movie.
You could tell the ship that ran up on the ground and into a building was wooden mock-up by the way it rocked.
There was more hilarity than tension in the movie.


Phylis said...

Right now my favorite is the last Harry Potter movie. lol Elf is the one I hate and cannot stand. There's a few more either way but those are the stand outs. I have trouble watching the actor in Elf. To me it was just an excuse to act like a child. As for the Harry Potter movie (s)...I can watch them all, over and over again, I think I can base it on the magic and not just the magic from the wands. lol It has to do with the adventure, the dynamics of families, watching the young actors grow up in the movies, all the special moments in the films. I just love the whole series. I know they didn't get everything in from the can't, otherwise you would have 5 hour movies. *grin*

Ray said...

As a series I liked Rocky. Talia Shire went from dressing like a bag lady to being more glamorous in each succeeding movie. The boxing was brutal as all boxing is, but the interaction of the characters was something anyone who paid attention would love.


CJ England said...


Like you I thought WWW was a hoot too. But then I grew up with the original and the differences AND the similarities were funny.

I know what you mean about Speed 2. I can't watch a western without critiquing the riding. LOL Jonathon and I made a deal, I can't diss westerns and he's not allowed to do it to military movies.

CJ England said...


I almost wish HP had been done in TV. That way it could have been done as a mini series and we COULD have had those five hour movies.

But those are some of my favorites as well.

CJ England said...


Rocky was an awesome movie. Beyond awesome. One of those that will always be a classic.

Ray said...

The best part of the Oscars TV show is reading about the winners after it is over.


CJ England said...

LOL Ray, Exactly!!!!!