Friday, February 17, 2012

I'll Take My LOL Cheeseburger Light, Please!

Hey all,

I haven't done this one for awhile, so how about a quick trip to LOL Cheeseburger and it's cohorts?  I always love paying them a visit to see what they've come up with.  Ready?

 This kittah looks like I feel!  LOL

I had a cat just like this once.  She chose to let me live.  LOL

This one just cracked me up.  LOLOLOL  How many of us resemble THAT remark!

I'm going to make this one my wallpaper.  *snicker*

I know Valentine's Day is over, but this one tickled me...

And my life has become a Simpson's episode.  Arrggghhhh, is Right!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!  Be back on Monday for more chants, rants and adventures to share!




Phylis said...

Thanks for the laughs CJ!!!!

CJ England said...

You're welcome, Phylis. I'm always happy to make you giggle.

Maria said...

Gotta love the Lol Cats....

CJ England said...

I know, Maria. I always go there when I need a good laugh. LOL