Friday, February 10, 2012

Signage--A Sure Way to Lighten Your Mood

Okay all,

Since Wednesday's topic was a bit heavy, let's have a treat on the Friday's Lighter Side.  One of my favorite things in the word...


Now some of you newbies to my blog may be asking yourself--Signage?  What the heck does she mean by signage?

Honestly, it's just what it says.  A sign.  But on my blog, I find those signs in my travels that have made me snicker, gawk, or laugh out loud.  So for today's Lighter Side, I give you some of the European signs I have seen so far. (click on them to make larger)


These two signs I saw in Paris.  Jonathon and I snickered (well I did) like three year olds.  I thought the first one meant some sort of demonstration or something (like the poupee *shit* was really going to hit the fan), but then I saw it on a store front and got really confused.  It wasn't until later I looked it up to see what it meant.  Poupee--according to Google translate--means... DOLL.
Color me abashed!  LOLOL

Okay.  I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this one.  Me, my dirty mind...and you if you want to come along.    Actually, my sweet baboo called THIS one to my attention.  LOL  This guy is on metro walls, the sides of buses, bus stops and billboards.  Seriously!  He's got his hand in his pockets with this ecstatic look on his face.  Is it any wonder my mind went to where it went?

And when I translated it one word at a time, I giggled again.  JOTMOE is a club. *what kind of club, she asks herself with a snicker*   Vull, in Catalan mean I.  Then guadir means--get this--ENJOY!  LOLOL
So I was already giggling like a loon.
But the rest was a let down.  For those of you who don't speak Catalan, it's an ad saying how this guy is enjoying exclusive discounts at the club.    Sometimes not knowing is SOOOO much more fun!

This really isn't a funny sign, per say, but it did make us take a second look.  For those Dunkin' Donut Fans, here's Spain's take on the popular fast food place.  Why they just don't use the same name is beyond me.  And yes...they do have donuts!

Again, not another sign exactly, but it is something to look at.  Art to some.  I thought it was quite clever!  His and Hers, for your viewing pleasure. 

Now this last one from Spain made us scratch our heads.  We still don't get it, even after the translation which Google says is "exceedingly good cookies".  That's cool for a shop that sells them, but why in the Hell do they have sperm swimming across the shop window???? Jonathon had to go look to see if they had some weird shaped cookies or something, but no...just regular treats.
Hmmm...I guess sperm have a sweet tooth, too!

And one final one...just for fun that I found online.  I'm not sure if it is real or not, but I have seen other's similar in Asia.  This one made me laugh out loud.  Check it out.  Real or pretend???

There you have it.  A lighter side of signage to make you smile.  Have a great weekend all, and I'll be back next week with more rants, raves and rambles!




Phylis said...

LOL! Love to look at the signs you find. Thanks for sharing!

CJ England said...

You are so very welcome! It's fun to find them. And they are EVERYWHERE!!!

Ray said...

The DunkinCoffee looks like it is in the mall not far from the Colon statue that you reach by walking on a boardwalk in the harbor. If it is I may have had donuts there. Of course it isn't the only Barcelona store from the chain.


CJ England said...


I know the exact one you mean. Had coffee there as well. This one is actually in the Diagonal Mall near the Cirque site, but they are identical.