Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Can't Anyone Keep Their Word???

Hey all,

Sorry about that.  This was supposed to be sent automatically on Monday, but although I had this scheduled about ten days ago, it got stuck in the draft file somehow.  Since our power has been going on and off the last few days (cold here...too many heaters on is what we're thinking) I couldn't check until today.

Anyway, I'll just back everything up a few days and let's try this again!

I read something the other day on the internet that had me puzzling and puzzling until my puzzler was sore.  I couldn't understand...just didn't get it.  To me, it was so simple, yet to these people it was a problem worthy of a Noble Prize.

Now just to be kinda clear, these aren't huge corporations with a dozen lawyers at the ready...I'm talking about small businesses working together.  Regular people like you and me..

Well, apparently one group of people--we'll call them Group A, (can't remember the full name but how about politics as a hint) had agreed to do something with another group--Group B.  Handshakes were exchanged, promises implied.  Contracts were written up, read and signed. 

But then it all started to go horribly wrong.  Group A told Group B they didn't really mean what they'd said in the negotiations.  What they meant was this....   Perhaps Group B had misunderstood?

And, oh, by the way, the contract still applies.


Group B, understandably confused and upset pointed out where Group A had agreed to do the thing.  Even pointed out where in writing, it was discussed and clarified.  And, to give them their due, they had been pretty specific in what they said.

So how did it get so messed up?  Why did Group A miss or ignore what Group B was saying.  And, if an agreement was made, how is it okay for Group A not to keep their word and not follow the spirit of the agreement?  

Has our world come to this--where contract wording is so obscure or misleading that the only ones who can use it properly are lawyers?  What if you can't afford a lawyer but still have to play in that arena?  Where is the justice?  Where is the fairness?

Oh, I know they have lawyers out there who will do it for free or a part of the judgment, but seriously, it shouldn't even get that far.

People should do what they say and say what they plan to do.  Don't be so ambiguous.  Why are people afraid to say what they mean?  I've seen so much pussyfooting around on the news it makes me sick.  Take a look at the arena of politics if you don't believe me.  

An honorable man or woman shouldn't need a piece of paper to force them to keep their word.

Now before I get nasty comments, I'm not talking about a change in circumstance that prevents you from keeping a promise.  That's between you and your conscience.  I'm talking about people either purposely making the choice to be dishonorable, those who are deceitful or those just too inept at speaking to make things clear.

My Nana always told me to "mean what you say and say what you mean", and I've tried very hard my whole life to do just that.  People who know me personally may say I'm blunt and opinionated, but every one of them will agree they always know exactly where they stand.  

IMHO, anything else is just too time consuming.  If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember your lies.  And while you may guard your tongue so you say things properly, you shouldn't have to sift through a hundred thoughts to say something to someone.  Bottom line...

We shouldn't all have to go to law school to make sure a promise is kept. 

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Phylis said...

I have always thought that Lawyers live in their own little world with their own language. Us outside people have no clue what that stuff means. Why can't it be in plain language and why can't people do what they say? We have to face it, I suppose that not everyone is honest and most of them seem to be in the political arena. Sorry. I don't want to be negative and I could go off on political candidates but I won't. It would be a much simpler world if everyone followed what your Nana said.

Ray said...

Language is a means of communication. Speak or write not so you can be understood, but so you cannot be misunderstood
Lannie Moore
An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.
George Eliot

The first quote is from my high school Psychology/Sociology teacher and the second is George Eliot's opinion of politicians. Since most politicians are lawyers...

When you add in a language barrier promises and contracts become murky. Even is someone may speak and write a second language they may not understand nuanced technical language.

I once had a lawyer draw up a plan for a problem I was having. I first looked up what I needed to do in the library. The lawyer used exactly what I wrote almost word for word. Even though he had never handled a case like mine he soon after set himself up as an expert and put that in his print ads.

CJ England said...

Phylis, Exactly. Nana might have been a mean old lady sometimes, but you always knew exactly what she meant when she spoke.

I appreciated that so much.

CJ England said...

Great quotes, Ray. Perfect for the blog.

The lawyer using your issue to become an "expert" is so typical.