Friday, February 3, 2012

The Lighter Space Launches Into Space

Hey all,

Have you seen this article?  The one about the two high school boys from Toronto, Canada who launch a Lego figure into space just to see if they could?

Apparently they didn't do it for class, but on their own, taking four months, a lot of free time and $400.00 to make it happen.  Here is the video of some of the pictures their Lego man took.  From the time he was launched until he headed back to earth.  Pretty amazing...

But what I find most intriguing is these two did it all on their own.  For no reason other than the pure joy of seeing if they could.  They used a weather balloon to get Lego man up there and the pictures taken were beyond awesome.

And to think these two are only seventeen!  Talk about enjoying life!  These guys know exactly how to have fun!

What do you think?

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Phylis said...

I love how when it got up there you couldn't hear anything. Silence. Kept trying to figure out if that was the moon or some other planet, off in the distance. Cool! Just Cool!

Ray said...

That really looks like a fun project. I wonder if those who think the space program is a waste of money ever slept on memory foam mattress, or used any of the thousands of products that would not be available if not for the space program. Even medicine has equipment that originated as part of the space program. Maybe by magic the program the program would disappear in a puff of smoke. Then maybe these people could live in tents. Wait, we wouldn't have Mylar in case they needed emergency protection from the cold,


CJ England said...

I know, Phylis. It was kinda spooky in a way. I think it was the moon in the background, but like you, I was never quite sure.

CJ England said...

Excellent points, Ray. And that doesn't even begin to touch the idea of true exploration. When I was researching, I found this quote by Gene Roddenberry.

~~~Why our space program? Why, indeed, did we trouble to look past the next mountain? Our prime obligation to ourselves is to make the unknown known. We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are.~~~

I love the last line especially!

Ray said...

I like that Roddenberry quote. I can't wait until faster than light travel survivable by humans is possible.


CJ England said...

Amen to that Ray,

And the whole, "Beam me up, Scotty" idea. I can't wait. I'll let someone else get the bugs out first though. LOL