Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Bit of Fun

Hey all,

I love October.  Not only is it the month where the weather cools down, but I love the theming of Autumn and Halloween.  For years I didn't celebrate the holiday and I don't really now, but I do enjoy all the posts and pics and memes I find online.

And of course I adore ghost and shifter and vampire stories.  I read them, write them and am always looking for new authors to enjoy.

Today I thought I'd share a few of those fun pics memes and authors so you may enjoy them, too.

And a few of the best paranormal authors to try if you like ghosts, vampires and shifters. 

Shifters and Angels - Nalini Singh  / One of my favorite authors in the paranormal genre.
Vampires and Shifters - Christine Feehan / While her Alpha males may be a little over the top for some, I enjoy the forever mate type of romance.
Ghosts - Heather Graham /  Her ghost stories are so fun I look forward to each and every book.
Shifters and Vampires - Alexander Ivy / I love her books, both genres.  Her world building is outstanding.
Ghosts - Christina Skye / I've adored this author for years.  Her Draycott Abbey books are beyond fun to read.
Shifters and Immortals - Jennifer Ashley / If you like shifters, this is one author you'll enjoy.
Shifters and Vampires - Lara Adrian / I love her Breed series.  I think you will too!

And my all time favorite...

Have a great day, everyone!!!

Hugs to all,

CJ England

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Ray said...

I like the shifters. I am listening to an audio book by a favorite author of shifters, Patricia Briggs. Mercy (Mercedes) is a Coyote shifter who is the daughter of the Coyote of Native American lore. Her husband is the alpha in the Tri Cities werewolf pack headquartered in Kennewick, WA. There is a group of Fey, Vampires, Ghosts, etc. The one I am Listening to is Frost Burned. I have two more in my library and have read the first six in the series.

I like the memes in this blog. I especially love the dog being followed by a black cat.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Ray. I like Patricia's stories too. Not sure what I've read and what I haven't but I pulled out this series to remind myself.

And I loved the dog one too. The look on his face. LOL

Phylis said...

Those are funny! Lately I have been catching up with J D Robb and her In Death series and have backed up a bit on the shifter/vampire type stuff. Hopefully that mood will change! :)

CJ England said...

Phylis, I just finished JD's last story in Down the Rabbit Hole. I adore that series, too.