Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Cool To Be A Vampire

Hey all,

Since my second release of the month, An Unholy Embrace, deals with one of my very favorite heros--the sexy, often brooding, romantic and eternal vampire, I thought a blog about that most delicious of leading men would be in order.

I adore vampire stories and I particularly like what Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel fame has to say about building a vampire world... Every vampire fiction reinvents vampires to its own needs. You take what you want.

That's so true. Not every vampire is exactly like Dracula, and though the origins of vampire lore may date back to Vlad the Impaler, few of the romantic stories I read have the vampire heroes dismembering his victims and swimming in their blood as some of the legends say that scary creature was wont to do.

No, the vamp heroes I love may be broody and over-the-top arrogant like Christina Feehan's Carpathians, oddly creepy yet loving as Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake vampires, or even humorous and family oriented like Lynsay Sands's Argeneau clan, but the one thing they have in common is their authors have taken the pieces of vampire legend, played with it and made it their own.

In my vampire books, I use some of the usual vampire attributes, like they can't be out after dawn and they have no reflection.  But my vampires are fundamentally different from many vampires in one major way. They have a soul. And because of that, they can love.  Deeply and eternally. I think that's the reason readers love vampires.  Because when they do love, it's forever.

I have three vampire books so far, with many more in the works. Aiden, the brooding vampire with his sexy toys, in Don't Spank the Vamp, the ancient Sebastian from An Unholy Embrace, and the leader of the Chosen, Gallegar, in my upcoming The Peacekeeper Journals Series.

When I write vampires, I try and make them powerful, sexy and romantic.  They have to love their mates with all their newly beating hearts and they look for their soulmates--as do all my other characters. 

Will my vampire books ever become as popular as Stephanie Meyer's sparkly angst-ridden teenage, Edward? Or become a cult favorite like Ann Rice's Louis and Lestat?  Honestly, I really don't care as long as my readers fall in love with my heroes just like I do.

Which vampire is your favorite hero or heroine?  It doesn't have to be one of mine.  Any book vampire hero will do. Put your answer in the comments below.  And to make it more interesting, everyone who posts a comment will be put in a drawing for one of my published vampire books. Want to play with Aiden of Don't Spank the Vamp?  Or be swept away by the charm of Sebastian in An Unholy Embrace.  Or, if you already have those two books, don't worry.  Enter anyway.  You can still win!!! 

I'm just settling down here in Vancouver, BC, so look for more fun on that over the next few months. I'm looking forward to seeing this beautiful city, and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Next blog I'm back with some information on my latest book, An Unholy Embrace.  I think you'll enjoy how I came to write this short erotic tale of a vampire and his soulmate.

CJ England

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Phylis said...

I loved Unholy Embrace and Don't Spank the Vamp! lol The Carpathians, The Argeneaus and Hamilton's vampires are series that I still read today. In fact I have an Argeneaus waiting in the wings on my Kindle. lol Just love all of them! lol :)=

Ray said...

My favorite vampire is Barnabas Collins. While traveling in Maryland I stumbled across a house that looked from the outside exactly like the mansion in the TV show.
Another favorite was from a TV show whose title I don't remember. It was about a vampire with a friend who worked in a blood bank. The vampire was some sort of detective or something.

CJ England said...

I just finished Dark Melody, Phylis. One of my very favorites so far.

CJ England said...

I have all the original TV episodes of Dark Shadows. I adored that show. You might be talking about Moonlight for the TV show. I was really bummed when they shut that down.