Friday, October 16, 2015

"Traveling – It Turns You Into a Storyteller.”

Hey all,

The title is a quote by Ibn Battuta and since he is known as one of the greatest travelers of all time, he knows what he's talking about.  Also, for me, it is one of the reasons I do what I do.  

Yet, do I write because I travel, or do I travel so I can write?

I'm lucky.  Beyond lucky. Not only does Jonathon share my love of traveling, his job gives us the opportunity to discover the world together. As of this writing, I've been to forty-three different countries and of course, I've been to all fifty states in the USA.

I've seen so much and experienced so many things.  Each of my books is set in a place I've visited--even the fantasy or science fiction stories have a basis in fact.

For example, my new book, Dragon Games: Snip! Snap! Dragon! that will be out from Changeling Press on December 11th is set in London, England. London is a city I've visited several times and is one of my all time favorites to wander and explore.  I was able to take many of the sights of England and tuck them into the story. The following sequels will also take place in this great country.

My brand new November release from Restless Wind Publications called Toujours...Always is set in the City of Lights, Paris. It's a sexy and romantic ghost story where Ethereals roam the streets of Pere Lachaise Cemetery and two lost souls come together to battle an ancient curse.  Or is it a gift???

Some of my other books were also taken from places I've visited in the past. Samhain Publishings, Don't Spank the Vamp is set in Monterey, California. Another one of my favorite places, and I love that I was able to give the book so many details about the wharf, aquarium and beaches.

It may be a little harder to do with fantasy type books, but with Samhain Publishing's, The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire and Loose Id's More Than a Warrior, I took places I've visited and turned them into fantasy worlds. Eyes of Fire was set in both Rogue River, Oregon and the California redwoods (the beyond the myst part).  The majestic redwoods were perfectly suited to give my fantasy world the mystical ambiance I needed.  More Than a Warrior is set on an alien planet, but I took the inspiration from a mixture of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and the sultry swamps of Florida's Everglades.

I love searching for places that fit my stories.  But even more I enjoy exploring and as I'm wandering, having a story pop into my mind. That happens time and time again.  In the deep chasm of the Aareschlucht Gorge or canoeing down the mighty Amazon river.  Dragons and pink dolphins jump into my mind and suddenly new books are born!

And lucky you, all my readers get to go along for the ride!  Traveling is not only a joy, but each amazing adventure is the perfect way to do research. Whether it's a detailed account of the streets of Macau--the tiny island country near Hong Kong, or just a brief glimpse of of the City of Love, Philadelphia, those rich details make every book I write just a bit better. And I have such an awesome time doing it!

Do I have a great job or what????  *grin*

I'm still on the road, traveling from one city to another, but I'll be back on Tuesday with another great guest blogger.

Until then!

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I love your travels, the stories from those travels and your pictures! My vacation without having to travel! Thanks for my stuff from Virginia Beach. I was trying to figure out who was sending me something from Colorado! lol They have more special meaning since I actually lived there for 10 years. Safe travels!

Ray said...

I like that you get to stay long enough to know the lay of the land. It isn't like the old travel saw, "If it's Tuesday this must be...

CJ England said...

Thanks Phylis and Ray! I love that we are so blessed we can see so many wonderful things. Even this journey through Canada has been amazing. Such beauty all around us.