Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guilty Pleasure or Career Suicide

Hey all,

I posted this on my chat lists, but I wanted to bring it to everyone else as well. That happens when I'm curious about something.

With all that has gone on, I had a friend make a comment to me that made me start thinking. She was upset because so many authors are looked down on if they dare to make a stink about nefarious or unprofessional behavior in a publisher. Or if an editor steps over the line. Or if a reviewer gives you a horrible review and it's like they didn't even read your book. (aka Mrs. Giggles)
It made me think. As authors, we are asked to toe the line and do what the contract states, but when push comes to shove, out of all my pubs...only one has actually kept to their contract. Every other one has been in breach in some way. That is just sad.
But...according to some unspoken rule, authors aren't allowed to complain or they are called Divas. They aren't allowed to talk amongst themselves or they are gossiping. And God forbid you make a comment on a list that you've had trouble. You don't even have to be specific...suddenly you are marked as a troublemaker.
Fair? No way... And this friend said she wished there was a forum where authors could rant and complain and downright bitch without winding up on someone's blacklist. And that made me think...
What if? What if there was a place where people could come and tell it like it was without worry of reprisal? Would authors really use it? Would readers be uncomfortable with it? Or would it be like the Enquirer....a guilty pleasure?
So there is your question... if you are an author would you rant if no one knew it was you? If you are a reader, would you check it out to see what's happening behind the scenes of the authors you know and love?
Give me your opinion. I'm really curious as to how it would be received.


CJ England
The Peacekeeper Journals II: The Gates of Life
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Winner Announced!!!!

Hey all.

Sorry for the late posting. For some reason I couldn't get into my blog on Friday. Finally came up over the weekend.

So, just a quick post. The winner of the copy of Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude is...


Congratulations!!!! Send me the addy you'd like the download sent to, and we'll get 'er done!!!!

Will be back tomorrow with all the news and fun for the month!!!!

CJ England
The Peacekeeper Journals II: The Gates of Life
Follow Your Dreams...into a World of Romance and Imagination