Friday, October 30, 2015

On The Road Again...This Time to Canada

Hey all,

I'm finally back with a new blog for everyone.  We've made our way through the states and are now living here in Vancouver, Canada.  The eight day trip was interesting and enjoyable and we were able to spend time with our daughter which was wonderful.

We started out by leaving Austin EARLY in the morning and doing a last stop at Buc-ee's Truck stop for gas and human fuel.  Buc--ee's is sorta like a Texas Wall Drugs (which is this amazing stop in South Dakota that has Burma Shave type signs all the way to Florida and back).

Once we'd grabbed our coffee and such, we were back on the road and driving through Texas. 

And driving...

And driving...

*sigh* Have I said how bloody BIG Texas is????  And since we usually take the road less driven, we get to see a lot of rural and small towns which is the only thing that makes the drive worthwhile.

But it's fun to discover things on the road and we often find out info we'd never heard of before.  For an example when we crossed the border into Colorado, we stumbled upon a small sign about the Ludlow Massacre.  We weren't aware of anything by that name, but assumed it was something to do with the Native Americans.

Color us surprised when we looked it up and discovered it was an incident between a corrupt mining company and striking workers.  The company sent men to force the men back to work and wound up murdering women and children instead.  It was a horrific attack and was the start of what some believe was the deadliest strike in US history.  But it was the thing that changed the child labor laws, so at least something good came out of such awful carnage.  If you want to learn more, you can read about it HERE

Anyway, after a long day we arrived at my daughters and spent a wonderful few days enjoying her company.  Mostly we just visited, but one day we went on a hike in North Cheyenne CaƱon Park. We hiked up to Helen Hunt Falls and then did a longer hike up Mount Cutler and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Here are a few pics...

It was hard to leave Jessaca, but finally we forced ourselves out the door, and we headed north to Canada.  We took a beautiful but barren route through Colorado as we headed into Yellowstone to spend the day in one of my favorite places.  Beautiful and filled with life, we love it there.  More pics below.

Then it was off to our old stomping grounds, Sandpoint and North Idaho. To get into Canada, for expediency sake, we had to go through the border crossing at Eastport, Idaho. So we were able to eat dessert first and grab the best ice cream in Montana at Little Bear's in Thompson Falls.  And we got to see the local Big Horn Sheep as we passed through!  Then we drove into Sandpoint and ate what I consider the BEST pizza on the planet.  2nd Avenue Pizza is amazing!!!  I ate way more than I should have, but it's just soooooo good!!!!! More pics...

We crossed the border into Canada with no problems and no waiting which was great.  Some crossings farther west say it can be up to an hour wait depending on the time of day, so zipping across in less than ten minutes--even with getting a work permit--was so nice.

After a good night's sleep we started west on Hwy 3 towards Vancouver. This was probably the prettiest drive on our trip and since it had rained the day before, the fresh smell of the forest kept us stopping even when we didn't need to.  It took us the whole day to get across the mountains, but every moment was worth it. Beautiful scenery and great small towns that welcomed us. As you can see...

Finally, we arrived in Vancouver just after dark.  Our hotel is right downtown and just a hop and a skip from the harbor.  We're pleased with the location, and thought this are REALLY expensive here, we know we'll enjoy our stay.

Anyway, next time I have another guest blogger for your pleasure. Ann Siracusa has a blog right up my alley when she shares about traveling to foreign lands for her version of romance and intrigue!  

Until then, enjoy your upcoming weekend!!!


CJ England

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Re-Release - A Sexy Ancient Vampire

Hey all,

As I mentioned on Friday, I've got another re-release available.  One of my favorite short stories, An Unholy Embrace is now available for purchase. This great story is about an ancient vampire who lives far away from humans, only coming into their presence when he has need to feed.

Then, Terran comes into his life and turns everything he believes about humanity upside down. 

I first wrote this story for the Bad Boys Print Anthology and it got some great reviews. When I was asked to bring it to ebook, I jumped at the chance. It's been through a few publishers, but I've always made sure it stayed the same as the original print version.  And the ebook cover (my art) was even nominated for an award!)

Here's a little more about this book...

     Awaken in the arms of a vampire.
Sebastian is an ancient vampire who has lived in the forest for centuries living off the blood of any unwary villager who happens to cross his path.
Teran has grown up in the shadow of the great forest, unwanted and unloved.  When she comes of age and her loveliness sparks the interest of the men in town, her life becomes even harder.
When the vampire rescues her from a near rape, he finds himself enthralled with her beauty and her quiet courage.  Teran falls in love with the brooding stranger, but when he breaks his word and steals her mind, she runs from him.
But Sebastian can't forget her and vows to win her back.  Will Teran forgive him?  Will they have a chance at eternity forever?   


     She heard the sounds of running footsteps behind her.  Pursuing her as relentlessly as the smell of her own fear.
     They were going to catch her.  She couldn’t run from them forever.  Somehow, she’d always managed to evade them in the past.  Through fate or cunning, she didn’t know.  Her heart fluttered and her mouth went dry at the idea that this time her luck had run out.
     She darted through the twisted trees of the forest, tripping over exposed roots and brush.  Branches clawed her bloodied face and pulled at her dress with bony fingers.  The sharp crack of a foot stepping on a fallen limb behind her spurred her faster.  They were so close. 
     Sobs of frustration and fear clogged her throat. Tears blurred her eyes.  She tried to take in a deep breath, but she choked instead.  Burning pain spread through her lungs at her labored breathing.  There was no one to help her; no one who would come to her rescue. Her heart broke with the certainty of that. She had no one who cared enough. If she disappeared, no one would even miss her. 
     Hope was something that belonged to those who had love in their lives.  It was for those who knew the joy of waking up with the certainty they were valued.  She however, knew exactly what her worth was and why she was being chased through this desolate wood.  She was good for only one thing in the minds of her pursuers. 
     “Teran!” an angry voice shouted.  “You can’t run forever!  Make us angry and we’ll only hurt you more.”
     She bit her lip.  They’d hurt her as he promised and enjoy doing it.  She dodged a large boulder and ran down a deer path deeper into the woods. 
     “The bitch has gone into the forest,” another man shouted.  “Get her!  I want to hear her scream when I fuck her!” 
     Teran blinked back more tears.  She raced up the path, but her legs were quivering with fatigue.  She was slowing down, and it wouldn’t be long before the men caught up with her.  She risked a look over her shoulder, and her heart nearly stopped when she saw a man’s form leave the shadow of the trees.  His lust-filled gaze captured hers for a moment and she faltered.
     “I’ve got her!”
     She twisted back around and dodged into the trees, hoping that they would hide her from the man behind her.  It was pitch black, but she blundered forward knowing it was the only chance she had.
     When she came up hard against a solid form, her heart fell to her shoes.  Arms came up to surround her and she screamed. 
     She was caught. 
     With her last ounce of strength she struggled.  She kicked and bit the man, and he hissed in anger.  A foreign sound that frightened her more than anything else had done that night. Her head lifted quickly.
     Every bit of moisture in her mouth evaporated.  The man’s eyes gleamed red and watched her with an animal-like intensity.  They were both frozen for a long moment.  Suddenly, he smiled, revealing sharpened fangs. 
     It was all too much.  Teran screamed again and fainted.

* * * * *

     He had lived in the forest a long time.  Longer than many of the trees that surrounded him.  Longer than the mortals who called it their own.   He used them as he needed.  They were his food, his sustenance.  Now, one had literally fallen into his arms. 
     Sebastian gazed down at the unconscious woman.  He’d thought at first she was a child, but she was just small boned and very thin.  Yet, he could feel her womanly curves as he held her close against him.  Her clothing was threadbare and patched, but clean, with the faint scent of flowers.
     He brushed the long, black hair from her oval face, frowning at the marks he saw there.  They did not belong on such beauty as this.  Her skin was like fine porcelain with high cheekbones and a full pouting mouth.  Her long black lashes fanned down over eyes he’d seen were a dark blue.
     He sensed the hot blood racing through her veins.  His body tightened, and his mouth watered.  He wanted to bury his teeth in her neck and taste her living energy.  Passion grabbed him in a burning fist.  He wanted to bury his cock into her heat and let himself go like he hadn’t in decades.
     His thoughts were pulled back by the sound of men crashing through the trees all around him.  His eyes narrowed.  The men were chasing this woman.  Why?
     He tucked the small human under his arm and moved so he was nothing more than a shadow in the darkness.  One of the men blundered past him, and with the speed of a striking rattlesnake, Sebastian reached out and knocked the man to his knees.  Moving faster than the mortal could see, the vampire knelt and gripped the man’s head with his large hand, using his enthralling powers to keep him still.
     He snarled as the reasons for the chase were made plain.  These men were rapists, intent on ravaging the beauty he held in his arms.  He looked down at her bloody face, and his anger flared.  He would not allow this.
     He bent and put his mouth close to the mesmerized man’s ear.  “Not this time,” he whispered.  “She has escaped you.”  Making a fist, Sebastian clubbed the would-be rapist, sending him sprawling to the dirt. 
     Then lifting the woman into his arms, he melted away into the shadows.

For more information and the purchase links for this book, go to . At only 99 cents, it's a great Halloween book you can treat yourself with!!!

I'll be back on Friday with a new blog about the wonderful trip we took to get to Vancouver as well as some pictures of this fabulous city.

Hugs to all,

CJ England

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Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Cool To Be A Vampire

Hey all,

Since my second release of the month, An Unholy Embrace, deals with one of my very favorite heros--the sexy, often brooding, romantic and eternal vampire, I thought a blog about that most delicious of leading men would be in order.

I adore vampire stories and I particularly like what Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel fame has to say about building a vampire world... Every vampire fiction reinvents vampires to its own needs. You take what you want.

That's so true. Not every vampire is exactly like Dracula, and though the origins of vampire lore may date back to Vlad the Impaler, few of the romantic stories I read have the vampire heroes dismembering his victims and swimming in their blood as some of the legends say that scary creature was wont to do.

No, the vamp heroes I love may be broody and over-the-top arrogant like Christina Feehan's Carpathians, oddly creepy yet loving as Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake vampires, or even humorous and family oriented like Lynsay Sands's Argeneau clan, but the one thing they have in common is their authors have taken the pieces of vampire legend, played with it and made it their own.

In my vampire books, I use some of the usual vampire attributes, like they can't be out after dawn and they have no reflection.  But my vampires are fundamentally different from many vampires in one major way. They have a soul. And because of that, they can love.  Deeply and eternally. I think that's the reason readers love vampires.  Because when they do love, it's forever.

I have three vampire books so far, with many more in the works. Aiden, the brooding vampire with his sexy toys, in Don't Spank the Vamp, the ancient Sebastian from An Unholy Embrace, and the leader of the Chosen, Gallegar, in my upcoming The Peacekeeper Journals Series.

When I write vampires, I try and make them powerful, sexy and romantic.  They have to love their mates with all their newly beating hearts and they look for their soulmates--as do all my other characters. 

Will my vampire books ever become as popular as Stephanie Meyer's sparkly angst-ridden teenage, Edward? Or become a cult favorite like Ann Rice's Louis and Lestat?  Honestly, I really don't care as long as my readers fall in love with my heroes just like I do.

Which vampire is your favorite hero or heroine?  It doesn't have to be one of mine.  Any book vampire hero will do. Put your answer in the comments below.  And to make it more interesting, everyone who posts a comment will be put in a drawing for one of my published vampire books. Want to play with Aiden of Don't Spank the Vamp?  Or be swept away by the charm of Sebastian in An Unholy Embrace.  Or, if you already have those two books, don't worry.  Enter anyway.  You can still win!!! 

I'm just settling down here in Vancouver, BC, so look for more fun on that over the next few months. I'm looking forward to seeing this beautiful city, and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Next blog I'm back with some information on my latest book, An Unholy Embrace.  I think you'll enjoy how I came to write this short erotic tale of a vampire and his soulmate.

CJ England

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Introducing Guest Blogger - Rachell Nichole

Hey all,

I'm still on my way up to Vancouver, but that doesn't stop my blog from having another fantastic guest blogger. Today we have Rachell Nichole who is a fellow Loose ID author. She writes spicy contemporary stories that will have you reaching for the ice water.

Here's a little about Rachell, taken from her page...

Rachell Nichole is a contemporary erotic romance author who writes Sizzling Romantic Entanglements. She loves writing sexy romance, creating memorable characters, and putting them through the paces on their discovery for and journey to love. She loves reading hot books as much as she does writing them. Since variety is the spice of life, she writes mulitcultural erotic romance, BDSM erotic romance, and GLBT erotic romance. She is the author of The Marietta Hotels series, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce, and Queen of Hearts.  

Rachell lives in New York with a mountain of books, a loving family, and a cuddly, but sometimes invisible, cat. 

Let's see what this talented author has to say to us. Enjoy!

Love Scenes: Personal Experience or Personal Fantasies

Hey CJ,

Thanks for having me stop by today. I want to talk about one of my personal favorite topics (and probably one a lot of people enjoy discussing): SEX! J

I am an erotic romance author, so I live and breathe sex scenes. I like to read them, I like to write them, I like to do research for them ;-p One of the questions that has come up over the years of writing erotic romance is, “Do you write sex from personal experience or personal fantasies?” The quick and dirty answer (’cause sometimes I like it quick and dirty) is BOTH.

The long, foreplay-worthy, marathon answer is…

Well, it really, really depends. There are several scenes in several of the books I’ve written that I have never personally experienced before, but that I would love to try. There are a lot of different positions out there, folks, in case you weren’t aware, and each book is a bit of a different flavor. It really depends a lot on the characters in the book, and what their situation is, but also what would “do it” for them. If it’s something I’ve tried before, all the more fun to write about. If it’s a personal fantasy? 

Well… then I get to say, “Honey, I need some help with book research…” and then of course it’s sooo much easier to write about it because I know exactly where everything goes and how everything feels. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to do that much research. I write 3-4 books a year, each with at least 8 sex scenes, sometimes more. And I write them on deadlines. I can’t stop writing 4-8,000 words every day so I can stop and go experiment with a new position! Wouldn’t it be great if I could?? Plus, my significant other and I both have multiple jobs, and there are only so many hours in the day!

But, my hard and fast rule (sheesh, listen all these innuendos) is: if it makes me hot, it will make my readers hot. If it’s a kink that I don’t really get into, I can’t write about it in a sexy way. I’ve tried, and it comes out sounding forced, awkward, and awful. And I know it would show in the prose to my readers, which is one thing I never want.

For my latest book, Belle by Night, I didn’t need to do any new research, but I had built up a wealth of material long before I wrote it. This book was all about a phone sex operator, and while I was never a phone sex operator, I was in a long distance relationship for quite a while once upon a time, if you get my drift?

So, there it is – my sex scenes are a mix of personal experience, and personal fantasy, and I hope it shows in my books, but that I’m good enough that you can’t tell the difference between experience and fantasy J

So, as readers, what is it specifically about sex scenes that draws you in?


What an interesting blog!  I love having guests who open my eyes to new ideas. You can answer Rachell's question in the comments below!!!  And if you want to learn more about her, check out these links...


I'll be back on Friday with a fun blog about one my my favorite hero types...


Until then, 

CJ England

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