Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hiatus Fun: My Newest Favorite LOLs

Hey all,

As you know I love finding LOLs and sharing them.  It wasn't easy to do so when I was in Germany because the internet was so slow.  So I made sure I did at least one during the hiatus for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!!!

A late Valentine's Day Card...

Sleepovers...A problem in any species. I know why he kissed his sister...

Just LOVE redshirt comics.

I had to add an erotic cartoon.  Nekkid tribbles.  LOL

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hiatus Fun: Hunks and Heroes

Hey all,

This blog was one of my firsts but it got a lot of looksees back then.  So I thought I'd give it a replay.  I hope you enjoy it as much this time around.


I love men. I adore what makes them the way they are...their scent, their thought pattern and I'll admit it, what they look like. And that doesn't always mean if they are handsome, it just means there is something special, something attractive to you. Nothing is better than walking down the sidewalk and seeing one that sparks a bit of heat, that shivering tingle we all long for.

The same thing happens when I choose my heroes. I can look at a thousand pictures yet only one will sit up and scream, "I'm for you." And once I find him, he's mine forever. I'll take him into my world and together we'll decide who he is and where he belongs.

I was going to share some hotties with you anyway today, but I decided to do something a little different. Why not introduce you to some of the hotties who inspired those heroes in my books?

Let's start with the first book I ever submitted, The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire, later released by Samhain. When I was writing him, I had a specific type in mind for Calion, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see his face. So, I decided to stop looking and find what I did know about...his body.

Calion had to be built. Great abs and an ass to die for. His arms needed to be hard and muscular...his shoulders broad and strong. He had to have the type of body that a woman would fall over in a faint if she saw him striding down the beach.

Well, I found him. I was surfing on some dating sites and was bleary-eyed staring at all the less than interesting guys. Then I clicked a link and there he was. My gorgeous, hunky, Calion!!!

And what I found really interesting was that you still can't really see his face!!!! So readers who come and see what my inspirations are still can use their imagination on what Calion looks like. Find out more about Calion and his lady Talia by clicking HERE.

Another set of hotties who are reader favorites are the men of my Don't Series. Aidan, of Don't Spank the Vamp and Milcham, of Don't Tempt the Phoenix are polar opposites. Aidan the vampire, tall and handsome with the cool, dark looks of the moon at midnight. And Milcham, the legendary Phoenix, whose golden, rugged good looks shine as bright as the noonday sun.

Aidan's inspiration came to me by a reader who was sending me handsome hunks for the chat list. One look at him and I knew I'd found my vampire. One whose blood lust wouldn't even come close to the passionate love he'd have for the artistic lady who held his heart.

Milcham, the loyal, just and lonely hero of the second Don't book I found as I was surfing. I was looking for a hunk for my newsletter and the second I gazed on his brooding face, I was positive I'd found my perfect Phoenix.

Put them both together and you have two of the most gorgeous heroes ever to grace a series. But they aren't only handsome, they have the type of Alpha personalities women sigh over and most importantly, their women are the center of their world. And Dawn and Aithne know it. Learn more about Aidan and Dawn and Milcham and Aithne. Just click on their names.

And finally I have a character who has become a reader favorite, and he doesn't even have his own book yet!!! He has been an integral part of my most popular urban fantasy series, The Peacekeeper Journals soon to be re-released in 2013. *edited at this was newly posted*

Meet Lucas, the roughly handsome werewolf whose loyalty and ready temper make him an important part of Kira's company. Along with his five "brothers", Gallegar, Danolas, Patrick, Benjamin and Koran, Lucas protects the Peacekeeper as they keep the world safe from demonic attack.

Readers seem to fall for Lucas because he is the most passionate and protective of heroes. His silver eyes gleam with love, and what woman wouldn't sigh over a man who'd do anything to keep her safe and happy.

So, as you can see I have some great heroes. Different types, different worlds and different adventures, yet all with one thing in common. They make their ladies the center of their lives and what woman doesn't want that in a hero?

And yes, they are all pretty delicious, but don't blame me...blame my dreams. I guess if I'm going to dream of a hero, I'm going to make him easy on the eyes! LOL

Hope you enjoyed meeting my hunky men. I'll be back next time with more fun things to share.


CJ England

 Follow Your Dreams

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hiatus Fun: An Awesome, Cool Excellent Feeling

Hey all,
This blog is a reprint of one I did a few years ago.  But the feeling is the same.  And's quite apropos.  Enjoy!!!!

As I move around the world with my sweet baboo, my life can get kinda crazy.  But, to my great joy, I've found my imagination doesn't suffer.  Instead it seems to improve.  In fact, I've now got so many ideas rolling around in head I'll be writing until I'm a hundred and sixty four!  LOL

So is having all those ideas a most awesome cool excellent feeling?  

Darn right it is.  Sometimes I get so excited when a new idea pops up I can hardly stand it.  I'll dance around the house like an idiot until I'm sure my head will explode if I don't get the idea written down.  Sometimes the plot for a book will emerge fully formed, and all I have to do is write it down.  Other times I'll see something...a person...a place or an action that gives me an awesome idea and voilĂ !!!  A story is born.

The other day I was working on my latest WIP, and I hit a place where the words just flowed out of me. It was like watching a  rushing river.  I didn't stop writing for three solid hours and when I was done I had done over 5,800 words.  I was bloody amazed.  And I wondered why I couldn't write like that all the time.

So was that speeding tide of words a most awesome cool excellent feeling?

Oh, yeah!  And even better, when I went back to edit it, it was really clean.  A few typos here and there, but for the most part what I wrote as I rode the river is exactly what I will send it to be edited.  A nice extra for a 180 minutes work!

Yet for an author there is another most awesome cool excellent feeling.  One that we all look forward to...yet in a way are saddened by.  The finishing of a book.

For me, the hardest part of writing is a book's ending.  You are saying goodbye to characters you've spent weeks and sometimes months with and have come to love,.  Plus, you want to make sure the readers who have spent time in your world can put your story down and be completely and totally satisfied with what they've read.

No pressure, right?  *snort*

But even with all that, finishing a book IS a most awesome cool  excellent feeling.  Since I rarely know how the book will end until I write the last page, I'm just as surprised as my readers at the finale.  (My husband still thinks it amazing that he can come home from work and find me weeping over a scene I'm writing.)  So for me it is extremely rewarding to pull together those last loose ends, give my characters that necessary "Happily Ever After", and finally write THE END.  Why, you may ask?

I want to know what happens, too!!!! 

Anyway, all this leads to one unmistakable fact that I'm sure many people in my profession will agree with.  Being an author is...

A Most Awesome Cool Excellent Feeling.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hiatus Fun: Signage

Hey all,

A quick look at some of the signage I found in the last few months of my Europe trip.  I've also thrown in a window display for fun!  Enjoy!!!

This sign we saw near the highways all over Europe.  A hot hunk angel.  I sure can work with that!!!

Do I actually want to drink this coffee?  I'm thinking the name would put a lot of people off.

I've seen this around a lot too.  Naked mannequins, bound up with tape?  What's up with that?

Meet Captain Penis.  (my name for the sticker that shows up all over Hamburg in the oddest places)  What, why, and how are the questions...

Gotta love the AXE people.  They are even taking it into space now.  Another way to join the mile high club???

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams