Saturday, May 14, 2011

That U Turn Was a Little Something More!!!

Hey everyone,

Well, it wasn't an earthquake that kept me away this time, but two somethings, one scary and one more exciting. In fact, since I had a book come out this week, and couldn't be around for the fun, you know it was something serious to prevent my attendance.

I was in hospital.

I can't go into all the details right now, and for the most part, I'm alright. But without scaring you all (or myself more) I've been away having some tests and procedures done. I'm still in the middle of things, but I made Jonathon take out my computer so he could send this letter out to everyone. I knew (depending on who you were) you'd be worried or irritated or just flat out shaking your head over my odd behavior.

I'll probably be in here through the 30th of May.

Then, part II of the something comes into play. Right in the middle of all this, Jonathon finds out that we are being sent elsewhere to work. He's got a choice between several locations, both foreign and domestic, but we will be leaving Macau as soon as I'm healthy enough to do so. AAAARRRGGGHH!!!!! Once I know more about that I'll share.

But talk about getting hit with everything at once!!!! So, between that and the medical issues I've been unable to go online or do any kind of work at all. Though laying in bed does offer a lot of opportunities for dreaming, I must say. LOL

It is said that life hits you all at once and now I can surely attest this to be true.  So, please don't worry if you don't see me for awhile. Jonathon and I have talked and we've decided for my health and so we can get us packed up and moved to wherever without adding to my medical problems, I'll be taking a hiatus for awhile. I'll keep in touch with those key people I've already mentioned before, but right now I just don't have the strength to do more. Please forgive me for that.

My personal FREE READ... I'm so sorry all. I made a huge mistake not writing ahead because I was enjoying the cliffhangers right along with you. But it doesn't help to have a predated blogger set up if you don't have something to put on it! I won't do that again. I will say if I can find the time to write installments, I will put them up. But that probably won't be until after the first of the month and I'm out of hospital. And I will promise NEVER to do it this way again.

My chat group and chat blog... I'll drop in when I can, but if you don't hear from me, don't worry. If something unusual happens, I'll get a note to you somehow and I thank you all in advance for the prayers and loving thoughts I know you'll be sending my way.

Blessings to all and I'll miss you so much!