Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CJ's Back and Doing Much Better!!!

Hey all,

It's been awhile since I last blogged--as you know I have had some surgery done, and I'm finally getting back on my feet.  It was a slow process, and I made sure I took the time I needed to get healthy before coming back.  In the past I've tried to do things too early and paid for it, so I was determined to be a good girl this time.

Without going into gory detail, I had reconstructive surgery done to my mouth and jaw.  Unfortunately, I have a degenerating bone disease and no matter what I did to take care of myself, things went from bad to worse.  We'd been trying to get the thing done for over a year, but with traveling, it wasn't easy.  But the long time in Sao Paulo, plus the excellent doctors in Brazil for this type of procedure made this the perfect place to get the surgery completed.

I'm well on the road to recovery, but I still have at least one more procedure to do.  I'm hoping to get that done in September and then--if all goes well--I'll be completely finished.

So, what with the surgery, the crummy internet in Sao Paulo and life in general, I was offline for much of the last few months.  I'll be taking more time online while here in Brasilia, but I've learned to take things a day at a time and not push myself so hard.

Traveling is great for story ideas, inspiration and fodder for blogs, but to do those things AND enjoy life in general, THAT isn't so easy to schedule.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed and grateful that I have the opportunity to do this.  This is a dream come true!!!  But it's taken me awhile to get over the guilt that I can't do it all.  The superwomen complex you know.  I've got it in spades and I'm not good at failing.  LOL

Anyway, sometimes it takes a bit to get things straight in your head--for me it's an ongoing process--but I'm closer to a resolution than I was a day ago.  And I'll be closer still tomorrow.

That means you will be seeing me do things a little differently in the future.  I still will be writing--can't stop doing that.  As for publishing, while I have many avenues for that, I despise the politics in that area, so I will be very discriminating to who I choose in the future.

I'll be blogging once a week to start, maybe more later, but I want to keep my hand in.  I'll be spending most of my time getting the stories I've done ready for publication as well as finishing up several I have in process.

Add that to enjoying my travels and I think I'll be plenty busy enough!!!!

So keep your eye on my blog, read my newsletter and watch my chatgroup for daily deets.  I may not be as prolific as before, but I think my books will be of better quality and I know I'll be happier!!!

And after all I've been through, I've learned life is too short and too beautiful to allow myself to be unhappy!

Until next time!!!

CJ England

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