Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Frolics

Hey all,
I'm going gangbusters!  I wrote over 5,000 in just a few hours yesterday.  Will be done far ahead of schedule, which since I'm sooooo busy, is a really good thing.  LOL
Boy, was the weather weird here yesterday.  Warm and gloomy and then it came down buckets.  It was so hot last night we had to put the cooler on for a while before we went to bed.  A far cry from having an extra blanket on the bed the night before. 
No wonder everyone is getting sick.
It's hot and windy today.  But still supposed to be a wet one.  We'll see.  It's just weird as far as I'm concerned.
How are you doing out who are doing NaNoWriMo?  I'm up to just under 20k, which is about on track.  Since I can only do major writing three days a week, it is a bit harder, but I'm doing it and liking the results so far.
I'm able to work on several projects at once, which makes it a bit harder, but add edits to that and it makes the day go by way too quickly. 
I'm getting some great recipes for my November contest.  I can't wait to put them all together into a book for all the entrants.  Remember, you have to enter to receive the free download.  I'll tell you right now, I'm going to be trying some of these recipes for my Thanksgiving.  They are that good!!!  If you haven't entered, go check out the rules on my website.
It'll be delicious.
Anyway, I'm off to do some more writing.  And then tonight I think we are going to go see Madagascar 2 and if we can get in, Quantum of Solace.  Not sure about the second one, it's a midnight showing and may be too full.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.
You all take care and I'll see you later with the daily question.