Monday, August 23, 2010

We've Arrived!!!!

Hey all,

We've arrived in Macau!!! Woo Hoo! It was a long flight, but the stop over in Amsterdam was fun. We wandered the city, looked at the flower vendors (wow...beautiful), had a leisurely lunch on one of the plazas, corrupted my sweet baboo with a space cake, and then finally wandered the red light district so Jonathon could see the sights. We had a great time.

Then it was back on the plane and on to Macau. We arrived in early afternoon and were taken by Jonathon's new boss to our hotel. We have two weeks here to find an apartment and get settled, but Jonathon has to work full time while we do it. He has a Wednesday and Thursday off, so we hope to find a place to live then. Macau isn't that big and the apartments that expats (that's us) usually live in are pretty specific.

So, we have internet cafes where I can write you all, but the connection at the hotel is spotty at best. As I can, I will touch base, but I probably won't get on full time until we move in. We've already got a lead on a few places, so I'm praying the looking goes quickly.

Anyway, I'm about out of time here at the cafe so I'll push off. I'll leave you with a few pics of our travels. You all take care and I'll write when I can get back online. Enjoy the pictures.

The traditional kiss near one of the canals in Amsterdam. Check out the skinny houses behind us as well as the houseboats floating on the water.

This is one of the coffee houses, aka where you can buy and smoke all kinds of pot. There are many of them dotted all over the city, but this one--Hunter's--is my favorite.

Our arrival in Macau. One of the casinos just as you get off the ferry. The plane landed in Hong Kong then we transferred to a ferry for the rest of the trip. I slept. LOL Hope I didn't drool.

The view out of our hotel window in Macau. We are staying on this island, but Jonathon will be working on the island just to the south--Taipa.

A seaside walk on the southernmost island--Coloane (pronounced Call-oh-wan) It is a beautiful island, much more primitive than the other two. But a lovely place to visit.

Hugs to all,
CJ England
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Friday, August 13, 2010

It's That Time Again

Hey everyone,

It's finally time. Jonathon and I are out of here, heading to our new home in Macau. We will arrive early next week, Macau time after 36 hours travel time. We will be staying in a hotel at first while we find an apartment and once we have internet again, I will drop you all another note.

Hopefully, I'll be up and going on a normal schedule the first week of September. Boy! Has this been a crazy year!

If you are interested in where we are moving to, here are a few pics of the island and a link to where Jonathon will be working. He will be the Assistant Manager of Special Effects for the Cirque du Soleil like show, The House of Dancing Water in the City of Dreams Casino Resort. We will be living and working on the island of Taipa (pronounced tie-pah) but it's pretty much all the same.

Enjoy this quick peek at my new home and you all take care! Send us your prayers and good thoughts and I love you all!!!

For those who haven't a clue where Macau is! Look at Asia and find Hong Kong and go from there! LOL

The harbor and Macau skyline. Absolutely beautiful.

One of Macau's landmarks. The Macau tower.

The Ruins of St. Paul. Much of Macau has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

Looking down from one of the mountains on the island. At least we have some forest and trees!

An artist's rendering of City of Dreams, the resort where Jonathon will be working. Our friend Wade, who is already there, says it is GIANORMOUS!!!!

Here is another picture. A little different perspective. LOL One of the casinos on property.

And last but not least, a pic and then a video link to the show Jonathon will be working on. The House of Dancing Water. I'm so excited for him!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it! I'll be in touch as soon as possible. Blessings to everyone!!!

CJ England

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

More News From CJ

Hello all,

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch but I had a minor relapse. Nothing I did this time. I swear. LOL The meds I have to take just didn't agree with me and I got sick again. I am now on a new regime and feel much better health-wise.

I'm trying to get back on track, but now another bit of stress has come my way. Jonathon has taken a great new job. It's got everything he wants. Great money, prestige and a chance to use all the skills he has. The only rub is that it is in Macau. A province just west of Hong Kong.

But, we discussed it and even though going back to Asia wasn't our first choice, all the benefits of this new position outweighs the downside. He is really excited about it. His position will be Assistant Special Effects Director. He will be in charge of setting all the safety policies and putting together the maintenance schedule for all the equipment. Once that's dealt with, he will build a training program for any newbies. It's similar to what he did in Singapore, yet this time he's getting paid for it. LOL

So now we get to move and do all that entails. I will probably be off and on just because I'll have to deal with packing when I'm not feeling 100%. Luckily, we aren't moving the whole house, just a tiny part of it. So I'll take it slow and hopefully everything will be all right.

Anyway, I will try to keep you updated on what's going on. And before you say anything, I promise to take it easy and be careful. I swear! LOL

When I know more, I'll be in touch. And I'll try to get the new free reads up and going as well as the blog. I'm sorry it's all be so crazy. I keep thinking it can't get any nuttier but then again, life has a way of surprising you.

You all take care and I'll make sure I let you know what's going on. Love ya all!

CJ England

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