Friday, November 7, 2014

Every Day is a Journey, and the Journey Itself is Home

Hey all,

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the road trip we took during our trip in the south of Peru.  It was an amazing journey and filled with memories we will hold dear forever.  This life we lead is such a blessing.  Difficult in some ways, but as long as I have my sweet baboo with me, I can do anything.

The hardest part is not being around our kids.  It was easier when they were all in Orlando--we could visit them all at the same time.  Now they are all spread across the country, and it makes it a challenge.

But it's worth it.  I'll do anything I can to spend time with them when I have a chance.  And I'd rather be traveling now when there are no granbabies.  Once those start popping out, I'm pretty sure I'll be drawn back home like a slightly crazy granny moth to those beautiful precious lights.  And with three children, who knows how many I'll wind up with!!!

Now I promised you all some news.  It's good and exciting, but in some ways difficult.  But that's life, isn't it?

Anyway, this time next month we'll have been with Cirque du Soleil for three years.  Wow, the time flies!!!!  For the most part we've loved being on tour and don't regret the decision.  Corteo is a great show and we've met some wonderful people.  Cirque as a company takes decent care of their people, and it's REALLY cool to get paid to travel all over the world.

With Corteo we've been to many places in Europe and all over South America, but all things must come to an end and so does our time with Corteo.

Jonathon has accepted a new position with Cirque, with a new show.  The new show is called KOOZA, and we'll be touring first in London and then Bern, Switzerland.  And then we're coming right back to South America and start that tour all over again!  LOL

That part we just kind of sighed over, since we'd just finished down here, but since there were several things we didn't get to do, we decided it wasn't such a bad thing.  AND the best part of going on this new tour is that once we're done with South and Latin America, there is a good chance we may go on to Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia!!!  So even more traveling!  Woot!!!!

So all you readers in the UK, I'll be visiting (just for a short time) you first.  We'll be spending Christmas in London, then travel to Costa Rica so Jonathon can train his replacement, then head back to London in February.  At that time we'll be staying with Kooza full time.

Now the even better news is that once we get back to South America, since we've been there before, I won't spend so much time wandering.  That means I'll get to do more writing.  Double Woot!!!  It will be so nice to get back to it!  I've gathered tons of great ideas and hate the fact I haven't had time to put them into a book.

But that will soon be over.

So, the bottom line is, with all the moving and the traveling and the visiting and such, what that means for the next few months is that things will be in a word...CRAZY.  If I told you our schedule while visiting our kids, then moving back and forth between Corteo and Kooza you'd all just toss up your hands and weep for us.  What I'm saying is I'll have no time at all to do much writing or online work.  

I really hate to disappear on everyone--even for just a while, but I can't think of any other way.  I only have so many hours in the day, and I have to put my energies to packing, moving, holidays and seeing my children.

So, for the next few months I will be mostly offline.  I will check in when I can and tell you what I'm up to on this blog when I have time, but my regular weekly blog will be on hiatus until sometime early next year.

I promise I will blog when I can.  It's just it won't be every single Friday.  As for my FREE READ, this Sunday will be the last installment of the current FREE READ until next year.  Instead, I'll be sharing another free story I wrote years ago, CJ's Christmas Party.  It will start on November 16th and go through the end of December.  I hope you check it out.

Anyway, there you have my news.  We're excited, nervous and looking forward to our new life and I promise as we experience it, I'll be here on the blog, letting you all know how things are going.

Until we meet again!!!!

CJ England