Friday, May 14, 2010

Where In The World Is CJ England???

Inquiring minds want to know... And will continue to question through the month of May...

Hey all,

It is Friday, May 14th and if all goes right, we will be setting out for Beijing, China! We will have several days in this great city, but I don't think it will be enough. There is so much to see and do. Some must sees of course are the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square and the Summer Palace.

And out of the city you HAVE to go walk on the Great Wall of China. So as you can see our days will be pretty filled up.

We will arrive about midday and go straight to our hotel. After we drop off our stuff, we'll probably head right back out to go sightseeing. The Forbidden City will be our first destination and we'll probably spend most of the day there. I'm told you can spend weeks exploring this beautiful area and I've wanted to see it ever since saw my first documentary on it way before foreigners were allowed in. Checking this off my list was something I thought I'd never get to do.

Then Tienanmen Square and wandering around that night to see the Beijing night spots and markets. There is so much of Beijing I know little about. I look forward to just rambling and finding things I never expected.

The next day we will head for the Great Wall. We've decided to go to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. It is better restored and not so touristy as Badaling which is closer to the city. We are going on our own. No package tours for us. We want to take our time and wander at will. It is a full day's excursion and we want to spend it doing what we want, not what a tour director wants us to do.

Can you say rebellious? LOL

Anyway, the views from this section of the wall are amazing. I can't wait to share them with you once I get the pics. And you can eat lunch at this cool little restaurant at the base of the wall with views of it's own. What a great way to see the country!

The next day we will wander around Beijing some more. See the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven as well as any other touristy sites on our list. Then that night we take the overnight train to Xi an to see the Terracotta Warrior Army Site. Another new Wonder of the World.

If all goes well, I might have internet so I can either add a blog or edit this one. But we'll see. Just because they say they have it, don't make it so. LOL

When next we meet I'll have a pre-set blog about Xi an and what to expect as we see all those intricately sculptured statues dug up after so many years. Keep us in your prayers! And blessings to you all!!!


CJ England
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Phylis said...

How awesome CJ! I can't wait to see your pics as well! I spent an extra hour at work and then hubby picked me up and we had pizza, and peach fuzzy navels to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary! (there were other celebrations but those details are ours, lol) Take care and stay safe!