Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interview With a Ghost And His Lady

Hey all,

Today we have something special.  Since Friday is the release of my Halloween story, Luck Be a Lady, from Aspen Mountain Press, I thought it might be fun to get to know the characters a little better.  So I took a quick trip to Port Canaveral in Florida and talked a couple of them into getting interviewed.  So grab a cuppa and some brownies or candy corn and settle on back.  Let's see how it all went...


*CJ is sitting in one of the guest cabins on The Lucky Lady, sipping her morning grapefruit juice ,while trying to set up the microphone on her computer.  Since she's NOT mechanically inclined, it isn't going well.*

CJ:  "It says to push this little metal thingy into that hole.  Why isn't it working?  Justin Savage will be here any minute and I have to have this done!"

*A moment later a tall, dark, handsome man suddenly appears at her side, startling CJ so much she almost knocks over her grapefruit juice.*

CJ:  "Damn it, Captain!  I told you not to do that!  You know we humans get freaked out when you pop in out of nowhere."

Justin:  *chuckles*  "My apologies.  I've been doing it for almost a hundred years. It is a hard habit to break."

CJ: *with a smirk*  "Bet Lara takes care of that."

Justin: *eyebrow raised*  "Despite popular belief, Lara Kincade does not tell me what to do."

CJ: "Where is she anyway?"

Justin:  "She is doing a last minute press release for the Halloween cruise.  She told me to go ahead and get started.  She will join us in a few moments."

CJ: "That's right.  No wonder you guys couldn't come to me for the interview.  Getting that cruise together must take up a lot of your time."

Justin: "We would have been happy to come to you, except for this one little problem."

CJ:  "What's that?"

Justin: "I can't leave the ship."

CJ:  *claps hand to forehead*  "That's right.  I almost forgot.  That's part of the curse."

Justin: *stiffens*  "Our agreement was we would not talk about the curse."

CJ: *sighs*  "Sorry.  I won't ask about the curse or why you're under it."  *she rattles the microphone cord*  "But I won't get to ask you anything if I can't get this thing hooked up."

Justin:  "May I?  I've become quite adept at electronics over the years."

CJ:  "Please."  *She watches as Justin easily finds the right hole to put the cord in.  A moment later, it's up and working.*  "Sweet!  Why don't you sit down and we'll get started?"

Justin: *sits in the chair near the bed*  "As you wish."

CJ:  "Okay, I think the first thing everyone will want to know is about The Lucky Lady.  Why don't you tell us about her and what she was like back in her heyday."
Justin: "The Lucky Lady started out as a riverboat casino.  It was one of the most popular ships on the Mississippi.  I ran a clean game, with drink that wasn't watered down, and the women who worked the Lady were honest and hardworking.  Rich men from all over the east coast came to play on my beautiful ship."

CJ: *cocks head*  "So how did she wind up in Port Canaveral, Florida?*

Justin: *shakes his finger at CJ*  "That, my dear, skirts too close to the curse issue."

CJ:  "Oh, right."  *looks embarrassed*  Well, let's move forward then.  You said you'd been a ghost for--"

Justin Savage: *interrupting*  "We prefer the term, Ethereals."

CJ:  "Riiigghtt.  Ethereals.  And why is that?"

Justin:  "Ghost is such a primitive term and we are anything but primitive.  I may be over a century old, but I'm no caveman."

CJ:  "You said, we?"

Justin:  "Yes.  There are five of us trapped in this God-forsaken plane of existence.  And we must stay here until--"  *stops suddenly*  "I'm sorry. I almost broke my own rules.  I should say no more."

CJ:  *bats her eyelashes at the captain*  Come on, Justin.  You can tell us a little.  Maybe about the others that were cursed with you?"

Justin: *his eyes glowing with anger* "I will tell you only that they did not deserve their fate.  An old lady whose only vice is enjoying a good game of cards.  A young and beautiful woman dragged into something she had nothing to do with.  A teenage boy who was too loyal for his own good, and an old man who instead of enjoying a pipe by the fire, tried to save us all and was damned because of it."  *stands and paces to the porthole window*  "None of it fair, yet still it happened."

CJ:  "And you, Justin?"  *stands and walks over to him*  "Did you deserve this fate?"

Justin:  *stares out window bleakly*  None of us did.  And we have only until Halloween to--"  *he cuts himself off*

CJ: *puts her hand on his arm*  "Until what, Captain?  What will happen on Halloween?"

*Before Justin can answer there is a knock and the door flies open.  In races Lara Kincade, the owner of The Lucky Lady.*

Lara:  I'm so sorry I'm late, but I had to get that press release out today.  Otherwise, it might have been too late.  *she notices the little tableau at the window and narrows her dark eyes*  "Did I interrupt anything?"

CJ: *clears throat*  "No.  Of course not."

Justin:  "We were speaking about The Lucky Lady."

Lara:  "Sure you were."  *looks suspiciously at the two of them*  "And did you tell her how hard you worked to make it so my poor ship couldn't sail out of the harbor?"

CJ:  *looks shocked*  "Really.  Do tell."

Justin:  "It is not YOUR ship."

Lara:  "I've got a piece of paper that says it is."

Justin:  "That paper is worth nothing!  We both know the truth!"

CJ: *waves at them both*  "Hello.  Interview time, remember?  Can we get back to the part about him sabotaging The Lucky Lady?"

Justin:  "I only did what was necessary."

Lara:  *leans closer to CJ and whispers*  "It's because of the curse, you see."

Justin: *shouting*  "I said we will NOT talk about the curse."

CJ:  "Okay. Okay"  *looks askance at Lara who just rolls her eyes*  "You guys seem to fight a lot.  I thought this was a love story."

Justin: *glares at Lara as he mutters*  "You should know.  You wrote it."

CJ:  "Well, yes."  *blushes*  "But this is an interview.  I'm trying to be objective."

Lara:  "Justin has still to learn that women in this day and age can make decisions themselves.  He wants to run my life for me."

Justin:  "Only in the things you obviously know nothing about."

Lara:  *sniffs*  "And he still hasn't learned a woman and a man can be partners."

Justin:  "With good reason!"  *grabs Lara and shakes her*  "Don't you remember?  I trusted a woman once before.  It did not end well."

CJ:  *perks up with interest*  "Another woman?"

Lara:  "Oh, Justin."  *gaze fills with sympathy*  "I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said it that way.  But I'm not her.  Why can't you believe that?"

Justin: *brushes his thumb over Lara's lower lip*  "I wish I could.  I truly do.  It would make what I have to do so much easier."

Lara: *breathlessly*  J-Justin...

CJ: *watches as Justin's head lowers to Lara's.*  "Ummm, I'd say get a room, but I'm in it."  *rolls eyes*  "You guys are the worst interviewees.  Distracted much?"

Lara: *blushes*  "I'm sorry."  *pushes away from Justin*  "We did say we'd answer some questions."

Justin:  "I'm done answering questions.  You know how I feel about Halloween, this cruise and The Lucky Lady."   *backs away and his storm-blue eyes are furious*  "But neither of you understands what really is at stake."

CJ: *gazes at him sympathetically* "Then you tell us."

Justin: *gives an angry laugh*  "I can't.  And that, my dear is the biggest curse of all."

*Justin disappears, leaving two very confused women behind*

Lara:  *sinks into chair*  "I'm sorry.  Sometimes I just don't understand him."

CJ:  *sits and offers Lara some juice*  "So, how long have you been in love with him?"

Lara: *gasps*  "Is it that obvious?"

CJ:  "To me it is."  *pats Lara's hand*  "I fall in love with every one of my heroes, so I know the symptoms."

Lara:  "I don't know what to do.  Sometimes I think we're doing all right.  He'll help me with getting the ship fixed up or give me suggestions on how to run a casino boat.  But then he'll get all moody and act like he's hiding something.  It's so frustrating."

CJ: *winks*  "But I know the sex is great.  I wrote it that way."

Lara: *giggles*  "Yes.  The lovemaking is pretty wonderful.  Thank you for that."

CJ:  "But it's not enough, right?"

Lara: *shakes head sadly*  "Oh CJ, I dont' know what to do."

CJ: "Well since I always write happy endings, I can tell you not to worry.  Everything will work out in the long run."

Lara:  "I know.  But it's the story between then and now that is so hard."
CJ:  "I've got an idea."  *pulls out the microphone cord to end the interview*  "Let's leave the captain, The Lucky Lady and all these worries here and go out for a while.  I know a great bar down in Cocoa Beach.  It's called Coconuts on--"

Lara: *standing and wiping her eyes*  "--the Beach!  I know.  I'm so glad you wrote that in.  I love that bar."

CJ: *grinning*  "Well, lets go have a beer and watch the young buff guys play volleyball on the beach.  Bound to make you feel better."

Lara:  "But what about Justin?"

CJ:  "I'm pretty sure I wrote he wasn't the boss of you, didn't I?"

*Lara nods*

CJ:  "Then don't worry.  Besides, on Friday when the book comes out, it will all make sense.  You and Justin will see that your future is as bright and beautiful as a sunset on the water.  And as deep as the bottomless depths of the sea.

Lara:  *admiringly*  "Wow.  That is great writing."

CJ:  *preens*  "Thanks.  I just came up with it."  *grabs purse*  "Ready to get out of here?"

Lara:  "I sure am."

* CJ and Lara disappear out the door chattering and laughing about the fun they are going to have.  CJ's computer hums and blinks and then slowly, like this interview, fades to black*


Well, what do you think of this interview that totally got away from me?  Let me know in the comments below.  And check back on Friday for another wonderful guest blogger, Sultry Summers.  I sure will!!!!

CJ England  

 Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Makes me want the book so I can find out what happens!

Cassie Exline said...

Great interview. Excellent characters. Awesome way to introduce a book.

CJ England said...


*vbg* Wow! Really? Very cool!

*aside to sweet baboo* It worked, baby. It worked.


CJ England said...

Thanks, Cassie.

Lara and Justin are great people. I'm hoping they get the happy ending they both deserve.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Very interesting personalities. Hope you have a great opening weekend.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Susan.

So far the mailings I've received have been very positive!!!

Have a great Sunday!