Monday, January 10, 2011

What Would You Do for A Second Chance?

Hey all,

Did you read online about the homeless man who was in the right place at the right time and it changed his life?

In a nutshell, Ted Williams, a man trained as an announcer, but fallen on hard times due to alcohol and drug addictions was filmed by a local newspaper reporter using his golden voice to panhandle on the side of the road.  One listen to the man told the reporter, here was something special, and when he uploaded the video on Youtube, he was proved right.

Now, Mr. Williams' life has changed literally overnight.  He's been reunited with his long lost mom, offered his dream job working with the Cleveland Cavaliers and has even done a voice over for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  All within a 48 hour period.  Not bad for a man who was living on the street.

Now what caught me about this story was the idea of a second chance.  Here was a man who had, in his own words, destroyed his life with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.  No matter how hard his loving family tried to help him, he spiraled downward until he was not only living in the streets, but had been arrested for theft. (to feed his drug habit)

Years went by and I'm sure some of them had almost given up hope.  Even though he was two years sober, he was ashamed to reunite with the family he'd spurned.  And then, a chance meeting with a reporter opens the door to an awesome and life changing second chance.

How wonderful is that?

If that reporter hadn't stopped...if Ted Williams hadn't been on that corner that day...if he'd had a sore throat and been unable to speak, nothing would have changed.  But God put all of it together and this man now has a chance to start his life anew.  A little wiser and a lot humbled.  And I pray he can keep it together and make this change permanent.

In the book I have coming out on January 14th, from Aspen Mountain, I speak a lot about second chances.  In Second Chances III: Life's A Dance, Heather and Dustin have a second chance at love after years apart.  But pushing through the baggage of those years isn't easy and therein lies the story.

It's the same for any of us.  Whether it's a second chance after domestic abuse or addiction, or because of the economy, you're facing learning a brand new trade just to make ends meet, it may not be an easy journey, but the rewards at the end are life changing.  Like Ted, we all have it in us to face the future with courage, even if we are forced to do a "do-over" in some way.

Whether you've lost your job and are training for another one, praying to by picked up by the publisher of your choice, or just hoping to get that minimum wage job at the gas station, don't give up believing in your very own personal second chance at happiness.

Because if a homeless, ex-drug/alcohol addict who has spent years on the street can get a life changing make over in less than a week, who knows what second chance you have in store for you!

Hugs and I'll be back on Wednesday with a look at something that effects us all.  Terrorism.

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Fedora said...

Wow--awesome for him! I love stories of second chances--and I do believe our God's merciful enough to allow for them!

CJ England said...

Amen! Everyone deserves a second chance and I love stories that show us how they come to be.