Friday, April 13, 2012

The Lighter Side Goes to the Bathroom

Hey all,

It's another Friday so that means a trip to the Lighter Side of the news.  And since I just arrived in yet ANOTHER city, I thought we'd visit one of my favorite subjects...

I thought Paris was weird, but I've got to say...Amsterdam takes a huge step forward in the weirdness factor.  LOL

After living in the USA for most of my life, I was used to the normal bathroom.  Nice, clean bathrooms in malls, less clean bathrooms at truck stops or gas stations.  But they all had one thing in common...


And for me, that's a huge factor in a potty.  LOL

But here in Amsterdam, things are a tad different.  As you may already know the locals are pretty open about their sexuality and opinions.  The belief in a free thinking society is one of their most important core ideas.  And I guess that passes over to their toilets as well.

Now, they have regular bathrooms in malls, hotels and theaters.  And in restaurants they are pretty normal, except for the fact they are most always located at the very top or bottom of a tiny winding circular staircase.  Not for the disabled, I've got to say.  

But the stairs and the bathrooms are usually beautiful, either decorated with great ambiance or architecturally unique.  Take a look at this one...

But sometimes a bathroom isn't easy to find.  The McDonalds and Burger Kings are all in the more touristy areas so there aren't a lot of other easily found places to pee.

Or are there...

Get a load of these interesting bathrooms.  

Honestly, after I saw a guy go into this one, I thought he went into a phone booth.  It was only when I saw the way he was standing that I got a clue to what he was doing.  Then I just couldn't believe it.  Right out there in the open.  I had to take a picture.

I thought that was bad until we went by the arena one day when a soccer game was going on and they had another type of toilet set up.  At least the green mesh one was kinda private.  But this one...

And there was another one set up during Easter weekend in the Red Light District.  And because there was a lot of dudes and drinking out and about they were used a lot.  It wasn't uncommon to see four men--one on each side--doing their thing and talking a mile a minute.

So would you use one?  I mean, obviously they are only for guys.  ( I guess woman don't have to pee in Amsterdam)  But where is the privacy?  Can you actually pee knowing everyone is staring at you?

Amsterdam has been a real eye-opener for me.  (see next week's blogs)  But I never expected to see this type of thing.  I guess I'm still an innocent in a lot of ways.  Yet that's what makes traveling fun.  Finding out new things...

Even if it's about toilets.

See you on Monday!


CJ England  

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I would have a definite problem using one of those even if I was a man. Wow! Just amazing. I think my mind is stuck in boggled. lol

Ray said...

In 1965 when I was with the Marines in Okinawa there were women construction workers outside the barracks. One of them came in to use the toilet while I was sitting in the next stall. A year later in Kamakura, Japan (home of the 300 foot Buddha)I was in a nightclub restroom standing at the urinal. A woman walked past, said excuse me and went to the mirror at a nearby sink to comb her hair. I was beyond embarrassment by then, but it has stuck with me for 46 years.

Asia isn't the only place. When I was driving on the Autostrada near and in Naples, Italy men would stop their cars by the side of the road in broad daylight and urinate.

I haven't seen women that bold other than one at the nude beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey who told her friends she could pee standing up. She then did as everyone with cameras took pics and videos of her. She did some outrageous things as well. It was after the lifeguards were gone for the day. During the day there is a certain protocol that everyone observes.

CJ England said...

I know, Phylis. I can't even imagine. I still have trouble using a stall when there is a male bathroom attendant outside. We are such a product of our society.

CJ England said...

OMG, Ray! What great stories. You should have a blog of your own! Thanks for sharing.