Thursday, April 18, 2013

Italy...Let's Get the Boot!

Hey all,

Today's blog is the finish up from last week.  I shared the first part of our I'll share some pics of our last ten days in Italy.

Now I'd been there before, but Jonathon hadn't, so I was jazzed to show him some of the places I'd enjoyed, like Rome, Florence and Naples.  But we weren't stopping there.  We traveled all over Italy and loved every single second of it!!!!

We went to some of the big attractions, like Pompeii and the Roman Colosseum, but we also hit some of the small places you might not think of.  And those were even more amazing than some of the "BIG" tourist sites.

Our first stop after we entered Italy was the beautiful city of Venice.  I had never been there before and as one of my top bucket list items was to take a romantic gondola ride with my sweet baboo, I was really looking forward to it.  We went just before dusk and were able to see the waterways both in the daylight and as the sun set over the canals.  And it was just as wonderful and romantic as we expected!!!!

The next stop was something very special for a romance writer.  Something I stumbled on by chance and when I mentioned it to Jonathon, he, like the sweetheart he is, made sure I got to see it.  Where am I talking about?  What is one of the most romantic places in literature?  How about the balcony and courtyard of Juliet where Romeo made his famous speech!!!  It is said to kiss under this balcony makes sure you will always have romance in your relationship!  I can go for that!!!!

After a lovely drive and night on the banks of the beautiful Lake Como...

We decided that we were so close to Monte Carlo, we couldn't pass up the chance to go to this most famous of cities.  So off we went to the tiny (and I do mean tiny) country of Monaco.  After a most terrifying drive down some of the most hairpin curves I've EVER traveled, we found ourselves at the famous Monte Carlo Casino...the one James Bond made famous.  No pics are allowed inside, but it is one of the most loveliest places I've seen

And through Genoa down to Pisa, where we had to have our obligatory "prop up the Leaning Tower" pictures.  LOL  It was quite an interesting area and one of the actual FREE places which was pretty cool.  A courtyard, museum, cemetery and the Tower.

And then on through several other cities.  I'll add pics and brief captions for each of them.  Enjoy!!!

The famous market bride in Florence.  Silver and Gold and beautiful Jewelry.

The amazing UNESCO Sassi Cave Houses.  If you even have a chance to visit, do so.  This whole area was absolutely amazing.

One of my other favorite UNESCO sites.  I thought these Trulli houses looked just like what hobbit or faerie houses might look like.  Another place I'd highly recommend to see.

A beautiful drive along the Amalfi coast was one of the most terrifying things I've ever done!  Tiny roads and HUGE buses DO NOT mix!!!

A kiss in Pompeii!  One of the most tragic, yet interesting places I've ever seen.

And finally, the Vatican in Rome.  The art is amazing and there is so much to see.  We barely made it, before the conclave, but Jonathon was able to see the Sistine Chapel.  This is just a small sample of one of the beautiful rooms in the museum.

Obviously, there is so much more to see and I wish I could put up all the pics we took, but like before, uploading took me forever.  Just know if you ever have a chance to visit Italy, do so.  You'll never regret it.  Especially, if you do it with someone you love!

Until next week!


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Wow CJ! What an awesome trip. Pompei would be one of my Bucket List places to go. It is such a haunting tragedy. Thanks for sharing some of your pictures with. Maybe someday when the nomad part is done you can post them. : )

Ray said...

Beautiful Pictures. I understand that until the ceiling was restored that the painting were not that colorful.