Friday, October 25, 2013

What Were They Thinkin'?

Oh, I knew there'd be hell to pay
But that crossed my mind a little too late...
What was I thinkin', oh what was I thinkin'
~~~Dierks Bentley

Hey all,

I was going to do a final post about the Amazon River Trip, but our internet was sucky this week, so I couldn't upload the pics I wanted.  I'll try and do it next week. 

But I wanted to do something, and when I was surfing FB last night, it came to me.  Though I'm not sure I'm grateful for it.  :-)

As you know, I'm a demon for research.  I love finding out new things--and a lot of times I discover really cool things I wasn't even searching for.  But I also learn some things I would rather have gone a lifetime NOT knowing.

I'm totally and constantly surprised at what people will put online.  I often wonder if they're on drugs or doing shots of Tequila when playing on the internet.  It's the only explanation.

For example...

I saw this on Facebook, and after my eyes stopped bleeding, I wondered if he thought he was being macho, attractive or if he even cared how weird and scary freaky he looked.

I wondered just why in HELL anyone would do this to those they loved...  I mean what kind of therapy are these kids going to need later in their life?

I'm positive there is a story here, but I'm just as sure I DO NOT want to read it!  LOL

 OMG.  One of my personal pet peeves.  Bathing suit pics that shouldn't be.  I wonder if this guy weeps every time he sees this.

Really?  And what did this guy drink to decide this was in ANY WAY appropriate?  Little Bo Peep, he ain't!!!!

Well, I guess this dude is really in touch with his feminine side.  Maybe a little too much!

So there you have it.  A few of the weirdest, worst and ultimately unexplainable photos on the web.  And each of them beg the question...

What Were They Thinkin'?

I'll be back next week.  Not sure with what, but I'll be here!

Hugs to all,

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

I think the whole point is they weren't thinking! lol At least with any intelligence. Some of those make you go WOW!

Ray said...

In the pic with the headdress the other person is trying to figure out what is going on. Even the cat is embarrassed.

CJ England said...

You're right, Phylis. No intelligence at all. Especially the parents of the family!

CJ England said...

LOL, Ray. I think you're right. The cat is mortified. LOL