Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm Off To Get Wet!!!

Hey all,

Sorry this is a bit late.  Couldn't get the blog to publish for the life of me.  The internet here at our hotel in Curitiba is the worst yet, so I have to do what I can, when I can.

Anyway, I'm off for a three day weekend with my sweet baboo--and about ten of our closest friends.  *grin*  We're going diving!!!

As some of you may remember, my darling Jonathon is a dive instructor, and he's offered his services at a really discounted price to our fellow Cirque members.  And whenever we have a double-dark (meaning the show is closed for two days) we try and put together a trip to the beach so we can get some instruction done.

So we're headed to Bombinhas, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.  It's touted to be one of the best places to dive on this side of South America so we're looking forward to it.  Either way, just getting out of town for awhile is always fun.

I don't have any diving stories--at least not ready for publication.  (I do have one I did years ago, but I'm in the process of reworking it and expanding the story.)  So I don't have a really good segue into one of my books.  But we are going out on a dive boat and I DO have a story about a ship--a gambling cruise ship--so let's take a look at one of my books set in the great state of Florida.  Let me tell you...I LOVED doing the research for this story!!! 

An unusual inheritance brings with it a family curse, but also a chance at everlasting love.

When Lara Kincade inherits a gambling boat from her long lost uncle, she thinks her luck has changed. And since Halloween is just around the corner, she plans a costume party cruise to celebrate her good fortune.

Justin Savage has another idea. He and his crewmates have been stuck on The Lucky Lady for nearly a century, destined to sail the ocean until someone can break the witch’s curse. The last thing he needs is some girl planning parties on his ship.

It's a Halloween to remember when passion flares between this stubborn couple. And only by putting their cards on the table, will either of them have a chance of winning at love!


“I am the last Kincade, Justin. There are no more Kincade sons left for you to haunt.”
There was a flicker of something in his eyes, but it was quickly gone. “You are still a Kincade. Your family stole my life, my ship and the lives of innocents. I can never forgive that.”
Her chin went up. “Did it ever occur to you I’m an innocent, too? The same as Lottie or Charlie. How is what you’re doing anything different from what Bridget did?”
Justin cursed loudly. “I am nothing like that witch. My revenge is just. I only take back what was taken from me.”
I didn’t take anything from you.”
“You play at words, Lara Kincade. But your name tells me what I need to know. You are my enemy.”
Her bottom lip trembled—he could see it in the moonlight. Some unknown emotion stirred, but a century of hate squashed it.
“I won’t make it easy for you like my uncle did,” she finally murmured softly. “And I’m not going anywhere. I will make this ship beautiful again. With your help or without it.”
He had to admire her grit. “It will be without.  And I will do everything in my power to sabotage your efforts.”
Anger and sadness warred in her chocolate eyes. “Then I guess it’s war.” She held out her hand to him. “I won’t wish you luck.”
Automatically, he took her hand, noting while it was small and feminine, it was also callused and strong. Without thinking, he bent and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “I don’t need luck.”
Her gasp made him go very still. Abruptly, he realized what he had done. Holding onto her, he looked closely into her face.  Lara’s eyes had dilated in shocked arousal, and awareness hit him like a sledgehammer.
He wasn’t the only one experiencing desire. She wanted him, too.
When her lip trembled again, Justin gave up worrying about the curse.  He forgot about the ship and the knowledge she was his enemy.  Standing before him was a beautiful, sexy woman, and he needed her desperately… if only to see if her lips were as soft as they looked to be. Why wait any longer?
Without any more hesitation, he pulled her against him and bent his head. He slanted his mouth over hers with a voraciousness that made her gasp. Justin took immediate advantage of it, thrusting his tongue between her lips to taste the sweetness he knew was within.
A groan rumbled up from his chest. He’d been right. She tasted of woman and sex and desire. Flavors he’d almost forgotten. Holding her tighter, he explored her secrets, instinctively wanting to know her in every way possible.
When she protested, he nipped at her lower lip, before starting all over again, slower this time, intent on savoring the delicious flavor of her mouth.
Lara had never before felt such an intense need from a man.  She was surrounded by him, by his heat, by his desire.  She trembled once and then surrendered, letting the waves of passion roll over her.   When his tongue speared into her mouth, it was so forceful she struggled, but then he immediately gentled, soothing her as he explored her farther.
Her body began to respond.  Softening in his arms as he pulled her closer to him.  She kissed him back, instinctively using her own tongue to tease and torment.  When he gave a growl of hunger, a thrill of delight ran through her. 
As he continued kissing her, the hard line of his erection pressed against her stomach.  The sudden wetness between her thighs told her she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  Without thinking, she rubbed herself against him, enjoying the feel of the powerful body against hers.
Justin broke out in a sweat at the innocent movement.  His body clenched with the need to take Lara right where they stood.  His hand threaded through her hair and pulled her head back so he could feast on the naked flesh of her throat.  The other hand moved to cup one breast.
He groaned, deciding right then and there these new fashions weren’t so bad.  At least he didn’t have to dig through a corset to find the supple mound.  He squeezed gently, glorying in the softness of her.
“Beautiful,” he whispered.
The single word jerked Lara out of the sensual fog she was in.  What was she doing?  Making out on the deck of a ship in plain view of God and everyone?  Not only that, she was in a lip lock with a ghost!  One who despised her no less.
She struggled against him. “Let me go!” 
He only held her tighter. “No,” he muttered hoarsely.  “Not yet.”
His need pulled at her, but she forced herself to be strong.  She turned her head away and pushed at his chest.  “NO!”
Blinking, he frowned.  Then understanding filled his eyes, and he pushed her away with an oath.  Apparently, he too finally realized what they were doing.
“Your woman’s wiles will not work on me this time, Kincade!” he shouted at her.
Lara’s mouth dropped open.  “I didn’t start this, you jerk!  You kissed me.”
Justin knew she was right, and that made him angrier.  Striking out at her, he gritted, “You have no shame.  You would do anything to get your way, just like she did.”
 She said a very unladylike swearword and walking forward, poked him in the chest.  “You don’t know anything about me.  I was willing to help you.  To try and break this horrible curse you are under.  But now?  I hope you rot on this boat.  I’ll save my pity for the others.”
“None of us need your pity!  Just leave my ship.  It will be best for all of us.”  He glared down at her, as angry at himself for wanting her as he was at her for being who she was.  “I don’t want anything to do with a Kincade!”
Putting her hands on her hips, she smirked up at him.  “You didn’t say that a minute ago.”
Anger and embarrassment warred inside of him.  “That meant nothing.  I haven’t touched a woman in a century.  I would have felt the same for a two-dollar whore!”  Reaching out, he ran a long finger down her soft cheek.  “In fact, I think the last whore I had kissed better!”
All the color leached out of Lara’s cheeks.  She stared at him, pain filling her eyes.  He thought she might cry, and he searched for the satisfaction it would give him, but for some reason it eluded him.  Instead, all he felt was shame.  He opened his mouth to apologize, but her words stopped him.
“You really are a bastard,” she whispered.  “Maybe you are getting just what you deserved.”  Then her eyes flashed as she stepped up and punched him hard in the stomach.
He went to his knees in surprise, leaving her standing over the top of him. 
            “There.”  She gave a final sniff.  “Now a woman has really touched you!”  Then turning, she ran back inside the salon.

 **end of excerpt**

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at one of my favorite stories.  Want to read more?  Then go pick up a copy HERE.  Send me a copy of your receipt (, and I'll send you something to say Thank You!!!

And PS....Don't forget to sign up for my upcoming FREE READ.  The days are counting down!  Fun and games to be had for everyone!!!  WooHoo!!!

Hugs until Thursday!!!  

CJ England
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Ray said...

Great pic. I borrowed it for wallpaper for today.

Thanks for posting the excerpt from Luck Be A Lady. I sort of remembered the title, but it is also something I remember from a song. Checking it out I now am sure that I read it. It is one fun story. I absolutely loved it.

Thanks for writing the story.

Phylis said...

I loved this one! There is always such fire between your characters! Have fun in the water! Will there be pics later?

CJ England said...

Thanks, Ray. Yup. Luck Be a Lady by Sinatra. Ol' blue eyes!

Glad you enjoyed the story. I reread it myself and smile.

CJ England said...

Thanks so much, Phylis. I try to have that fire...that connection between them. And I loved the secondary stories in this one almost as much.