Friday, August 29, 2014

A Little South American Signage

Hey all,

It's been awhile since I shared some of the funny signs and art I've seen on my travels, and since I'm a bit rushed today, I think it's time I do so.  It seems both Argentina and Chili have one that make me smile.  So enjoy!


These top three store signs are all funny on their own, but put them together and they're a real hoot!
The first belongs to a convenience store, the second a market and the third a clothing store.

Really?  Whoopies?  What do you think this store is all about?  It's not what you think.  *grin*  It's a juice bar.  LOL

 I've heard of happy meals, but having this as the name of your restaurant is probably not the best marketing tool on the planet.

And it just me or is this a bit more than wierd?  Meerkats dressed in hotwater bottles? I know it's a winter (invierno) sale but just hmmmm.  Although I have to admit the stocking caps are kinda cute.

Just a few more examples of the fun signage around the world.  Every time I turn around I find more, so it won't be long until you get another blog of giggles!  I hope you enjoy each and every one!!! Until next Friday!!!


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

Great titles. I wonder what they mean to the owners.

Some car manufacturers have different names in different countries. What might mean power or luxury in one language may be derogatory in another.

Phylis said...

Those are funny. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for the post cards!! I got them today. Very cool.

Ray said...

I received my postcards today as well. They are really impressive.

I love the stamps. It is stored away, but I have had a collection of mortars and pestles for years. One I purchased in Haiti is made of wood. At one time there was a stamp issued featuring them. The pharmacy I worked in at the time had a whole sheet of them framed on the wall.

CJ England said...

Glad you liked them. I'm not sure what some of the signs meant. Not even sure if they were in Spanish or English. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

VERY glad you guys enjoyed the postcards. I love doing them!