Friday, June 12, 2015

Creation - Beautiful or Just Weird

Hey all,

Three weeks in a row.  I'm on a roll!!!  I'm trying to get back on track and so far, so good!  Anyway, this week has gone well, with lots of editing going on since I'm trying to keep to my new publishing schedule.

But I also take at least one day a week to just go play and that's been fun, too!  This week I went out and explored the downtown area of Columbus, the Columbus statehouse and the Northside Market. Then later on, Jonathon and I went to the monthly Saturday Art Walk.  And that's where things got interesting.

Apparently, every first Saturday of the month all the galleries in a certain area of town throw open their doors late so patrons can come visit.  There were supposed to be artists and performers on the street as well.

At the same time at the nearby Convention Center, there was a gaming convention going on.  Game creators had booth after booth of new and wonderful games.  

And if you know anything about gaming, you know that gamers are a breed unto themselves.  The ones that attended this convention were REALLY into it, complete with costumes and role-playing.  You haven't lived until you've seen a dozen furries dancing down the street being chased by heroes and knights yelling, "Smite the beasts!!!!"

Yeah.  Weird.  But highly entertaining.  *smile*

And then to the sublime.  The art walk was pretty cool, and the art galleries we visited were amazing.  But I have to admit I was kinda disappointed in the quantity of the street artists and performers.  The ones that were there were good, but they were few and far between.  And it seemed as if each time we were close to one, they wound up taking a break.  And they took a LOT of breaks. *pout*

So, while we enjoyed our time there, we had more fun just watching people.  Sitting at a table in a window, watching the flow of people wander by.  All different kinds of people.  Rich, poor, art lovers and those just out for a good time.  A few people from the convention meandered through--elves, princesses and mushrooms seemed to be the most popular.  And that bit of weirdness just added to the overall ambiance of the artiness of the area.

Will I go back next time?  Probably.  After all, creation isn't on a timer.  Who knows what we'll run into next time.  Maybe there will be a sci-fi convention and I'll see a few aliens, vampires and werewolves toddle by!

Until next time!


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

I think people watching is a fun thing to do. It is one of the reasons I enjoy sidewalk cafes. Street festivals are the best. The more unusual the better.

Phylis said...

People watching is definite fun! Sounds like you had a rich environment for that!