Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday/Saturday Re-Release Day And NEWS!!!

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Hey all,

Today's blog is a promo and a bit of news.  As you may have read on my FB page and my group list, Second Chances II: Do Me a Favor has been re-released under the Restless Wind Publications banner.  

This is the second in the Second Chances series and tells Keeton's and Favor's story.  You met them in Waiting in the Wings and so many of my readers were curious about their story, I just had to write it!

Here's a little about this bestselling book...

Her Gift Saved His Life and Opened His Heart, But Can the Magic Survive Betrayal and Deception in the Real World?

When country music sensation Keeton Metro’s plane goes down in a freak mountain ice storm, his entire crew is killed, and he is left barely alive.  He is pulled from the wreckage by a mysterious mountain woman who tends to his wounds and brings him back from the brink of death.

Favor Rowan has lived alone on her mountain since her beloved mother died.  When she rescues the handsome singer—healing him using her special empathic gift—she doesn’t expect to fall head-over-heels in love with him. 

A shotgun wedding propels Favor into Keeton’s world, and confused, heartbroken and angry, they both have to decide if what they had on the mountain was nothing more than a false spring, or a cozy winter promise of a forever kind of love.

**The author is donating a portion of the proceeds to NCL.  For more information please go to .

To learn more about this series and read an excerpt of Do Me a Favor, visit my website at... 

Now for the exciting news...

The next book in the series, Life's a Dance will be out on September 4, 2015.  That will complete the trilogy.  But then, for the first time, in the latter part of November 2015, just in time for Christmas...

Drum Roll Please...

The whole Second Chances series, Waiting in the Wings, Do Me a Favor and Life's a Dance will be available in PRINT!!!

That's right! PRINT!!! So many readers had written and asked for a book they could hold in their hands, I knew it was finally time to make it happen. So keep an eye on this blog, my website and my newsletter for when this series will be available for pre-ordering!

And don't forget the contest on my website, going on to celebrate the release of my new Wandering Star Collection.  Check it out at

That's it for today!  See you next time!

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