Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't Forget To Dance!

Hey all,

As you read this, I'm getting ready to move back To Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were there in 2014 and it's one of the South American cities I really enjoyed. Not only are there great museums, parks and shopping, but there is a lot to see in the surrounding areas.  We're hoping to do a lot of traveling around the country this time.
We're in Argentina for almost two months, so we'll have plenty of time to do what we want to do. Especially since we've done so much last time.

One of the things we didn't get to do last time, was go to a Tango show.  We've seen one before in Barcelona, but since they say Buenos Aires is the birthplace of the tango (although a few other places claim the honor) we wanted to go to one there. But circumstances prevented us in 2014, so we've promised ourselves we're going to make it happen this time around.

And even though we celebrate our anniversary in March, we're waiting to celebrate until we get to Buenos Aires in April.  That way it's a good excuse to spend the money and have some fun!!!!  :-)

The tango can be found just about anywhere in the city.  You pretty much can't walk down one of the main streets without running into a street artist or two dancing their hearts out. And if you go to Caminito/La Boca area, you'll find it in spades.

Caminito is one of my favorite parts of Buenos Aires.  There is so much to see and there is so much energy there.  It's very touristy and that's part of it's charm.  If you can get around that, you'll enjoy yourself. My favorite thing to do is find a sidewalk cafe and just people watch. And if you can find one near where the dancers do their thing, it's even better.  You can't beat watching a dancer pull a tourist out of the crowd and be taught the intricacies of the tango.

Anyway, I know I'll have a great time in Buenos Aires.  Then it's on to Santiago, Chili. Another one of my favorite places!

Until Friday.

CJ England


Ray said...

I am jealous. Argentina was off limits to our show the flag Navy task force UNITAS 1983 because of politics, the war in the Malvanias (Falklands) in 1982.

When I was in Montevideo that year I noticed nine families with my last name.

Have a safe trip including you tourist trips.

Phylis said...

Enjoy! Look forward to more pictures­čśŐ

Phylis said...

Enjoy! Look forward to more pictures­čśŐ