Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Look at the Lighter Side of Signage

Hey all,

I've gotten quite a few emails on how much you're enjoying these signs I find in my travels, so I've decided to try and give you a lighter side post about them every month or so.  It won't be hard to do.  Every country we're in seems to have weird signs.

Today I've got a few from Barcelona and a couple from here in Amsterdam.  I hope you enjoy the ones I've come up with.

So, here we go... this sign is one we found on our road trip in Andorra.  As you can see it's warning you not go over the side of the road and into the river.  Helpful, right?  Not really.  Because this sign...the one that's supposed to warn you there is a drop off?  It's not placed out on the road where it will help.  It's behind the drop off.  You have to drive all the way up to the edge to see the stupid thing.  How is that helpful?

Now these next two signs aren't funny, but they ARE interesting.  They're everywhere in Spain.  Maybe you've got these in your country, but we sure don't in the USA.  At first we didn't understand it, but then once we'd seen a few of them, we realized not only what they were, but how helpful they were.  Especially to travelers who don't know where the hell they are!  LOL

Coming into a Town...  Pretty normal, right?
 But this is the sign for leaving a town...  Gotta love the red line!  LOL

This next sign is another one we saw on our roadtrip.  I laughed when I took the pic and I wondered what it actually said.  Because it couldn't mean what I thought, right? did.  Translated, this sign in Catalan says, "Private Area of Shit".  Really!

This is a personal favorite of mine.  As soon as I saw it, I loved it.  You see, when I was pregnant with my kids, we always looked for the closest parking space so I wouldn't have to walk too far.  And invariably, we found one right up front.  It got so that whenever someone wanted to go somewhere they'd ask me to go with them so I could get them a parking space.  LOL  So when I saw this, I sent a copy to my congressman.  We need these in the states!!!!  

People get really caught up with their bodily functions in some countries.  I've seen more signs about peeing, pooping and assorted other "things" than I can believe.  But again, every country we've visited makes sure you know exactly what NOT to do.  Some are subtle...some, like this one, isn't.

This one confused the hell out of us at first.  When I first saw the sign it looked as if Big Brother was spraying people from the sky.  I actually had to go online to find out what it actually meant.  Do you know?  We'll use this last one as a fun game.   Don't cheat and go online like I did.  Give it your best guess in the comments below.

So I hope you enjoyed this quick look at unusual and funny signs.  I love finding them for you all, and I've got enough for the next few months, so we definitely won't run out!!!!

Take care and I'll see you on Monday with news and more fun!!!

Hugs to all,

CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Maybe it means no spitting cause of the DNA or watch out for sun rays. lol Thanks for the chuckle CJ.

Kayelle Allen said...

I'm guessing it's don't spit over railings. >_< Funny post. I loved the first one. LOL

Ray said...

The do not drive in the river sign reminds me of a friend who sat on the railing on Sugar Loaf Mountain. The top rail came off and he fell. Fortunately in this case the rail was not at the extreme edge. He was a little nuts so I wouldn't put it past him to have written the sign at the top of the blog.

I like the city limit signs with the red arrow. They always told me where I was when I was cycling in Spain.

The parking for pregnant women is common in parking lots at Navy medical facilities. At the Navy hospital were my newest great granddaughter was born has the entire first row on one deck in the parking garage. There must be forty or fifty spaces. One Harris Teeter supermarket has a couple of spaces reserved for shoppers with young children. Maybe what we need is publicity to embarrass businesses that don't do such nice things.


Julie said...

We have parking for pregnant women at the grocery store I go to here.

Unknown said...

I've seen a few pregnant parking signs at grocery stores, Best Buy and hospitals here.

No clue on the last sign..LOL

CJ England said...

Good try, Phylis, but NOPE. LOL I'll be posting the answer to the question on Monday.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Kayelle. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Sorry. Another NOPE on answer. Check back on Monday to learn the truth.

CJ England said...

LOL, Ray. That's a picture to remember.

I too loved the signs in Spain. At first I thought it was crazy, but after awhile I realized how helpful it was.

I like the idea of embarrassing companies into putting in preggy parking. It's a great thought.

CJ England said...

Obviously, Julie, your state is smarter and more progressive than many others.

CJ England said...

Maybe they are slowly getting the idea, Connie. Hopefully more states will get the idea.