Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Species is Discovered in Amsterdam

"May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong.  May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!"

Hey all,

Have you ever seen a cormorant?  You know, those skinny black birds that when the sun shines brightly, they spread their wings and use them like sun reflectors?  They stand there for hours and suck the warmth into their bodies.

Well, I've found their human counterparts.  Actually you can see them in any big city--any place that has the proper ingredients.

All you need is a busy street or square, a beautiful sunny day, a cafe or pub and a beverage of your choice.  And I've seen these creatures here in Amsterdam more than any other city.

It's amazing.  When the sun appears, the Amsterdammers (yes, that is actually what you call them, though the colloquial term Mokummer is used by the locals) all come out and spread their wings.  They sit in the sun by canals, on benches, under statues and of course, at tables outside cafes and pubs.

Now I know you've seen these elsewhere.  Like I said, any big city seems to have them.  But here in Amsterdam, it's different.  It's...more.

The first few days we were here it was cold, gloomy and misty.  Coming from sunny Barcelona, it was like a slap in the face.  We put on our woolies and long johns and prepared for a few more weeks of winter.  The locals were all bundled up and there weren't many people out and about.

But then the sun came out, and it happened to be one of the days I had to go out and get some shopping done.  And the difference between that day and the day before was huge.

Amsterdammers were EVERYWHERE!!!!  They were all piled into the outside seats at cafes and bars with cuppas or drinks in their hands.  Each and every one of them was facing the sun, with their faces raised to the sky.  And they reminded me so much of Cormorants I immediately christened them all Amstercormants.  LOL

It was kinda funny.  No matter where you were, people were outside enjoying the sun.  Faces raised to catch the rays, they chatted, sipped their drinks and sucked that sun into their bodies.  If the pubs were full, they spilled over onto steps, and if those had no room, they sat along the streets or canals. 

And if you look at the cormorant picture, you can see exactly what they all looked like.

Now I have to decide if they are doing that because they know that spring has sprung and we are headed into good weather OR they're sucking in the sunshine while they can because they know that it just won't last!

I really, really, really hope it's the first!

Until Wednesday,


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

I can see from the photo that they are packed so tight there is no room to walk. LOL

Phylis said...

I hope it's the first as well! lol I do the same thing. It feels soooo good!

CJ England said...


That's so true. The sidewalks are tiny here anyway, so when you toss in a flock of Amstercormorants on a sunny afternoon it's a total mob scene!

CJ England said...

I plan to, Phylis. We enjoyed the sun on our weekend and as I write this it's a beautiful day outside.