Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Lighter Side Gets Naked

Hey all,

I just have to tell you about my last Sunday in Barcelona.  I had nothing major to do.  Just wandered around and enjoyed myself.  I went to the big park in town and just meandered in the sunshine.  I walked up Las Rambles one last time and applauded all the street performers.  I ate gelatos all the way through the Gothic quarter and found a last cool item to purchase that reminded me of my time in the city.

When it started to get dark, I headed home by walking the beach.  I wound up having dinner at this little restaurant.  I ate fish and chips and drank beer as I people watched and listen to the waves crash on the shore.  It was delightful.  A perfect ending to my day.

Now I'll bet you're wondering where the Naked part comes in.  Well, it's a two parter.  LOL  

As I was first walking along the boardwalk, there were people everywhere.  It's Sunday afternoon...everyone's out enjoying themselves. 

 Then I see this woman.  Very heavy, wearing rag-bag type clothing.  I don't notice anything amiss at first, until she flashes her breasts at me.

Back the truck up!  What just happened?  I probably wouldn't have even blinked, but not only did she flash them, she gave them a bit of a squeeze as well.  Like she was enjoying herself.  It was kinda creepy.

Honestly, I think she was homeless and maybe a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  But no one else seemed to notice, so I was left with the impression she was a regular.  Maybe she does her act every Sunday in front of God and everyone.

So I kept walking and found my restaurant.  I nibbled on my food and was quietly enjoying myself.  I love to people watch and while it was thinning out-it was close to 7pm by now--there were still quite a few out and about.

I noticed a guy, sitting in the sand quite a distance from me.  I couldn't make out his features, but he was playing a guitar and seemed to be pleased with life.  I smiled, wishing I could have brought my guitar with us.  I could have gone down and played with him.  I looked away, thinking about other things, and then a few minutes later I looked his way again.

Guitar guy was now with a girl.  And as I watched them, as authors often do, I came up with a story about what was going on.  By his body language, he was into her, but she didn't seem as sure.  She was leaning away one moment, then leaning in the next.  It was fun to see the whole courtship thing.

I was done with dinner, so I flagged down the waiter for the bill.  Then I looked back at our couple.  And blinked.  Twice.

He was naked.

That's right.  Naked.  As the proverbial jaybird.  And on one of the public beaches (not normally a nude beach)  I couldn't see anything fun.  LOL  He was too far away.  But he was a natural brunette.  THAT I could see.

He was dancing in the waves, not sure if he was going in or not.  I wondered if I needed to re-evaluate the whole courtship thing.  Either he was VERY secure with his masculinity, REALLY well hung, or she'd already seen him in his--OMG it's fucking cold--state.

He finally jumped in, swam around and eventually climbed out.  She went down to meet him, but after a bit of a chat, he jumped back in.  Was he trying to show her how big and tough he was?  How the cold didn't affect him?

I went in to pay and by the time I came out, so had he.  I was curious enough to walk down and see what he looked like.  Was he hero material or an idiot who'd had one too many cervasas?

By the time I got to him, he was dressed and huddled in a ball with the object of his affections standing over him.  He wasn't too good looking.  Reminded me of a stoner with glassy eyes and sloppy smile.

But that could have been hypothermia.  The symptoms are the same.

So, that was my last full day out in Barcelona.  It was fun, interesting and, well...a little weird.  But in all honesty, that pretty much sums the city up in a nutshell.

Have a good one and I'll be back on Monday with our first full week of fun in Amsterdam!


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

Nudity in public places is protected by the Spanish Constitution. The article I read said on streets roads and beaches. It's a lot different from the days of Franco. Once on the launch into the landing in Ibiza there was a nude woman washing the windows on her boat. Topless near the water is so common even Americans rarely notice, but nudity is usually confined to the beaches. The number of nude sunbathers is usually determined by the distance to populated areas, but even when people wear bathing suits they change in view of anyone who cares to look.


Phylis said...

Wow. You have the most amazing experiences!

CJ England said...

Really? Thanks, Ray for telling us. I didn't know that.

So, if that's true, then the people looking at him that day weren't worried about his nudity...just his stupidity at bathing in below freezing water! LOL

CJ England said...

LOL Phylis. I have to agree. I'm living the dream.