Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And Life Goes On

Since I'm blogging today over at Samhain blog, I've decided to repost an email I did about the latest tragedy happening overseas.

No fun and games today. This is
too horrible to find anything tempting.

Reposted from CJ's Chat List 5/6/08
Have you seen the news about Burma? I missed it until last night. The devastation is so overwhelming, I don't know what to think. And there are reports the military government knew it was coming and did nothing to warn their people? Is that some form of horribly twisted population control? I can't believe it.

Sitting here nice and comfy on my couch staring at the horrific scenes, it really puts in perspective that my car blew a tire, or I can't get all the channels I want on my TV. It is a lesson in appreciating what you have because it could so quickly be taken away. Not a bad lesson to learn.

But life goes on. An affirmation of life came when Jonathon dragged me outside into our backyard. He was shushing me and when we finally got out to the porch, he waved his hand and whispered. "What's wrong with this picture?"

As detail oriented as I am, I spotted it immediately. A female softshell turtle was in one of our flowerbeds. She'd dug up a huge amount of dirt. And as we watched, we could see by her concentration she wasn't just there to sunbathe.

Now we live on a good size lake in a residential community. We have all kinds of things in the water, even the odd gator now and then, but this was the first time we'd seen a turtle this large. And it was easy to see what she was up to.

Laying eggs.

Affirmation that life will go on.

She finished up her business, spurred on no doubt by the fact there were two very rude humans watching her, and skedaddled back to the lake. Immediately afterwards, her egg bed was visited by hungry crows who somehow knew what was going on even from a great distance.

But unlike all those wildlife people who just watch, I chased them away and put a protective covering over the bed. In nine weeks, I should be a turtle mommy.

And new life with all its joys and tragedies goes on.

Have a good day all. Hug someone you love and send thoughts and healing prayers to those who aren't so lucky.

Love ya,


AnneMarie Roberts said...

Yes it definitely puts things into perspective...so true!
Life does go on....
Such a wonderful blog~
My heart goes out to those who have and are suffering!

Oh and good luck mommy turtle..wink

Love and prayers to all~

CJ England said...

Thanks Annemarie,

It just hit home for me for some reason. Maybe because I was so clueless that it happened. It broke my heart.

And I hope to have pics when the babies to emerge. It would be a fitting tribute to those that died.

Life goes on.

Nature finds a way.