Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whats Up With this Dream???

Hey all,

Here it is the last day of May. I can't believe it. What is going on with the time? Is it because I'm getting older that time seems to rush by so quickly? Or is it just that times have changed and with the business of our lives make it feels like things are going by faster?

Anyway, enough griping. LOL Today's blog is about dreams...but not just any dream. I have them all the time and many of you know I lucid dream, but last night I had one that just made me mad.

Now you know I have a bit of a crush on Orlando Bloom. He was so hot as Legolas and even inspired Danolas, my High Priest Witch in The Peacekeeper Series. I loved him in Pirates (except for the ending...hated that) and I even liked him in Elizabeth Town.

And I have to admit I've had a few other dreams about this handsome hunk, but they all had to do with me and him and a bucket of dark chocolate...if you know what I mean.

So what the hell is up with having a dream about him and another girl????? And even worse, I wasn't jealous in the slightest. It was more of a little brother type dream and that disturbed me even more!!!!

What was it? Mainly a nonsense dream, with pygmies and stacks of brown cardboard stacked boxes, a runaway RV and a few crazy hitchhikers. And right in the middle of it, Orlando is sitting at the RV table and this other girl is with him.

Now in the dream I have to get something and he's in the way, so instead of feeling jealous or angry he is with this other girl, I look at him with big sister eyes and say... (get this)

"For God's sake, she can lick you later. Right now I need you to move."

So, what's up with that? A dream with Orlando Bloom that isn't even erotic? I've been robbed!!!! And even worse, that's the last of it. Just a brief appearance that didn't even make my juices heat up. *pout*

I've had other dreams like that. Ones I wake up going, WTF???? It doesn't happen very often but when it does, I always wake up wondering what I had for dinner that weirded my system out. LOL

Bad dreams, good dreams, any type of dream can make you wonder what in the world your mind is really thinking about. I've often wished I could have a straight connect to that part of my mind so I could understand better.

So, what about you all? What dreams have you had that you woke up and wondered what the hell was going on. Share them now. I want to hear if I'm the only weird one in the bunch!!!! I know I'm not, but I just need an excuse to get you all to comment. LOLOL

See ya next Saturday and don't forget to pick up your copy of Eyes of Fire, my newest BESTSELLER!!!! WooHoo!!!

CJ England
Never anger an elf... we have very long memories.


mamasand2 said...

Okay CJ, I'll start you out today.
When I was only 4 or so I got bad nightmares. At my grandparents house I would dream that there was a huge mean monster in the coal burning furnace. I was sure it was coming upstairs to get and eat me. I even made my grandpa go into the basement to check it out.

Now I almost never remember a dream and the few I do are nice.


CJ England said...

I remember a dream about a dragon so vividly, it still scares me. I swear I could smell the brimstone. LOL

It's funny what we remember and what we don't.

I wish I remembered doing something more with Orlando. *snort*


Aeryn Traxx said...

I've had dreams about Orlando a number of times and they had nothing to do with me being his big sister LOL.

CJ England said...

LOLOL I so know what you mean. He and I have played pirate and wench a number of times.

And when I was writing Eyes of Fire, he was in my dreams a lot.

I loved his long blond hair. *sigh*

Phylis said...

Ok CJ. You asked for it. I dreamt that there was one of those Sci-fi type wars where you are fighting nature etc as well as humans. We were huddled in a bunker and for some strange reason I had to go outside. When I got outside there were a bunch of insects coming around the hill heading this way and I went back to the bunker only to find out there were a group of gorillas coming from the other direction. I got in and made everyone hide. I can still see me in the closet (not sure why there is a closet in the bunker, lol) and a female gorilla is outside the door snuffling along. I can feel the wall slide along my back as I slid to the floor after she left. Weird huh. When they left I remember coming out and all of us having to be careful where we walked cause of what they left behind. lol Phylis

Desirée Lee said...

My very first "published" work was a piece I wrote in 5th grade that was based on an actual dream I had. I do not remember the title of the story but it was about all of the food in the fridge coming to life and growing up to people-size then taking over the house. My creativity earned me a ticket to a young writer's conference where my story was put into an anthology with the works of all of the other students who were accepted to this conference. I wasn't even supposed to be chosen. It was supposed to be 6th, 7th and 8th grade only but there was nobody from our 6th grade who did good enough work so they cheated and let a 5th grader go - me!

I rarely remember my dreams. If I do, they are usually very weird.

I too would feel gypped if I had a dream about Orlando Bloom and it wasn't erotic, at least not for me. *LOL*

The only really erotic celebrity dream I can remember ever having involved Keanu Reeves.

Carpe Noctem,

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,
I've always thot dreams could be a fountain of insights. Unfortunately, I can't make head or tails of my dreams. I wonder what that says about me? LOL
Leave it to you to have a hunk even in a non-erotic dream. I vaguely remember having David Letterman as a love interest in a dream! So count your blessings.
I wouldn't worry too much if I were you ~ you're been busy lately, a woman with a mission, and right now Orlando is only in your way!

Sara J. ~: ]

CJ England said...

LOL Phylis. Your dream is weirder than mine! I've never dreamed about gorillas. At least not that I can remember. LOL

You win!

CJ England said...

Keanu Reeves is nothing to sneeze at, Des. I wouldn't mind getting down and dirty with him. I love his movies.


You choose well with your fantasies.

CJ England said...

Hey Sara,

*giggle* I'm thinking you're so put together that you don't need to remember your dreams. LOL

Dreams can be helpful and I use mine all the time to write, but those weird dreams like with Letterman or a already involved Orlando are just mean. LOLOL

Cassandra said...

Howdy CJ!

I've learned that keeping a dream journal helps me figure out the chaos that is my dreaming world. :)

Most of my dreams are odd and make no sense.

One of the funniest/strangest was when I dreamed I had high tea with Freddie Kruger. Oh yes. He had trouble pouring you see, so I helped pour the tea for us.

I offered him a plate of my blueberry scones and he skewered it with a blade-like finger and ate it. We chatted for several minutes. He was quite the conversationalist. lol

Afterward, he apologized that he had to leave but he had other dreams to visit, but he did say mine was the most pleasant he'd had in a long time. He thanked me for the tea and scone and then he left.

And no, nothing bad happened, nothing more frightening than what you would expect at a high tea. LOL

As for erotic dreams, I did have a steamy one where Antonio Banderas did unbelievably naughty things with me. He was dressed as Zorro. hee, hee...

CJ England said...

Hey Cassandra,

What fun dreams to have. Both of them. Having tea with Freddy Kruegar and naughty fun with sweet Antonio is my idea of a great time. LOL

Jenifer said...

I had a dream once that a red transparent monster/thing was over me with his mouth and eyes black, mouth open, like he was going to eat me, I was 16 and mom had to slap me about 5 times to get me to wake up. I still shake everytime i think about it.

Debra A. Soles said...

Hi CJ. As a fellow writer I understand weird dreams. One night I dreamed about this yound woman. She was sitting in a field of waist high weeds, almost completely hidden. I could hear a song playing, a Scottish melody. The girl was crying and screaming that the monsters were coming to get them, destroy their village and kidnap their people.
The next morning I woke up and started writing what became the first book of a three book saga all passed on that one dream. The first book Old Dreams was recently published at NCP.
And that dream was just one of many horrific nightmares that helped the saga continue.
Debra A. Soles

Debra A. Soles said...

Oops sorry about my typo. A young girl was crying. To early in the morning.
Debra A. Soles

CJ England said...

That sounds scary, Catt. My first thought, having written a story about one already, was it sounded like an incubus. I'd be scared, too!

Thanks for posting!

CJ England said...

No worries about typos, Debra. I wish blogger had something with an editing feature I could turn on.

But what you described happened to me, too.

The Peacekeeper Journals came out of a single dream. It was so vivid and thought out that the first two books almost wrote themselves. And since it is my Bestselling and Bestloved series so far, I'm very, very glad I decided to take a nap that day! LOLOL