Monday, September 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again-Macau Style

Hey everyone,

I'm pleased to say I'm sitting here in my brand new apartment overlooking the bay as I write this. The day started out kind of hazy, but it's burned off this afternoon. From my balcony I can see the city of Macau across the bay, China to the north and on a really clear day, some of the smaller islands west of Hong Kong. From the other side of the apartment I can see some of the island of Taipa where we now live.

Here are a few pics of the view from the apartment. I love it.

So, I'm trying to get back on a schedule. Both in my personal life and it writing. It's hard to do because Macau has some odd immigration rules and red tape and although Jonathon has been told he is approved to get a blue card (like a US green card), he hasn't received it yet and until he does I can't put in for mine. Illogical, if you ask me. Why not do both at the same time? If he had been rejected, then so would I.

But, the rules say we have to wait and if it goes too long, I may have to leave the country for a while until my card does come through. I'll probably just go over to Hong Kong, but it's a pain and not knowing makes it hard to settle completely.

We are trying though. Buying furniture and getting a kitchen put together. Haven't had to do that since college. LOL Jonathon is putting in 12-14 hour days getting ready for the show to start. The "opening" date is the 17th of this month, so as you can image, things are a bit hectic right now. After things get on track, we will be able to explore our new home.

I've been spending my days making shades for those huge windows you see in the pics and exploring the area. The streets are like rabbit warrens and since my sense of direction is non-existent here, I carry a map and a compass just so I can find a way home. Or, I get on a bus until I recognize something. When all else fails, I'll break down and take a taxi. They're really cheap here.

Anyway, like I said, I'm trying to get back on a writing schedule. Right now I'm planning to blog Mondays and Fridays and I'm hoping to add Wednesday's by the end of the month. My FREE READ on my other blog will start up again today and should (barring getting kicked outta the country) continue until the story is done.

I'll be updating my website and sending out a newsletter for all you patient people. I've got contest winners to announce and more fun to share. So stay tuned. I'm back and I hope the craziness of the last 18 months is now at an end. I miss just being able to write. Jonathon is pushing me to really get back to work. I think he feels guilty for taking me away from it. But what else could I do? Where my sweet baboo goes, so do I.

So, have a great start to your week. When I get some furniture, I'll post some more pics. Let me know what you think of my new abode's view in the comments below!

Hugs to all,
CJ England


Kathy Otten said...


Those are really pretty photos. Hope you get your blue card soon and your life has a chance to settle.

Margaret West said...

Your views are stunning. Makes mine pale into insignificance lol
I look forward to us crossing paths more often.

Shawna Thomas said...

Wow! I just read this post and, as I'm new to your blog, the last 10 or so. ; )

I think once you've lived in another country for awhile, it really makes you appreciate America.

The views from your apartment are beautiful!

I hope you find hte time to get all those ideas down on paper.

Phylis said...

Gorgeous view CJ! I'm glad things are settling a little bit for you and that you can get back to writing. I miss writing poetry...I'm hoping to get some done again soon. Looking forward to all the new story ideas you have gotten from traveling around!

CJ England said...

Thanks everyone!

Kathy, from your mouth to God's ears! I sure hope it comes quick.

Margaret, we got this apartment just because of the views. Makes me feel a little less confined.

Lynne, I agree 100%. We've been all over southeast Asia as well as mainland china and Nepal this last year and OMG...when we went back to the states it was a real culture shock. God Bless America!!!

Phylis, anytime you want to share a poem, you know you can post it on my group. We miss them too!

Hugs to all!!!