Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coffee, Tea or Me?

Hey all,

I'm giving up coffee.

That's right.  Me.  The coffee queen who LOVES the stuff.  But it's for exactly that reason I'm giving it up.  Because I love it.

And I can't find any coffee here that is worth getting up in the morning for.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm sure there is good coffee here in Europe.  I can go out to restaurants and get it, but when you live in a hotel and all you have is a hotpot to warm water for instant coffee, your choices are severely limited.

I've tried.  I swear I have.  I've bought the cheap coffee...and it was like dishwater.  I've bought the expensive coffee and guess what?  It tasted like dishwater, too!  Instant coffee just sucks.

Period.  End of story.

So, since I'm not willing to carry around a drip coffee maker, nor am I prepared to stumble off to Starbucks or some other coffee shop every morning, I only have one thing left to do.  Don't drink the stuff in the first place.


It will be healthier for me.  I know that.  But when I'm crawling out of bed and wishing for that caffeine kick, I won't be happy to be healthy.  I'll more likely to bite someone's head off even if they commiserate with me.

I know...  Maybe I'll make it an adventure.  Find the best TEA available in Europe.  I do like tea, drink it often in the wintertime.  So maybe I'll be able to substitute tea for coffee.  Nothing will have changed.  I'll still be able to look forward to that first cuppa in the morning.

And maybe Adam Sandler can take the place of Sean Connery as James Bond.

*snort*  Sure...that'll happen!

See you on Friday, when, sans coffee, I'll be back with a humorous look at sex in museums.


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


P. Robinson said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I know many who are and this is a huge task. I wish you well. I go for a bottle of water in the mornings. : )

lynneconnolly said...

Make the tea properly, with boiling water (not just hot), and you'll be fine! Try Yorkshire Tea, it's the best.
When I'm in the States, I carry a travelling kettle, because I can't do without my tea and nobody knows how to make it properly!

D. Musgrave said...

That's too bad about the lack of decent coffee without having to venture out to a coffee shop or restaurant. As for coffee not being healthy, I'm not sure that it's unhealthy. More and more evidence has been emerging in the last few years that are debunking the old research about the health concerns of java. In fact, I've seen many more studies that have found benefits of drinking coffee in moderation. And that's the key, moderation.

Anyway, good luck on the coffee celibacy.

Maria said...

Well, if you were in the States I'd tell you to get some tea from Teavana because they have a tea I like that tastes a lot like coffee- it's called My Morning Mate Tea and you can get it online - it'd be worth giving it a try:)

Collette Thomas said...

You may have to substitute for chocolate for that caffeine kick!

Phylis said...

Ok. You won't have coffee everyday to wake up to. I'm sure the world is still spinning (but I tell you that when I went caffeine free for my mammogram for 72 hours I was sure it wasn't) and you will survive! But, I would look into the tea and can you get Coke zero or something along those lines? Oh and this means that when you do get a coffee from Starbucks or somewhere it will be that much more enjoyed! Right?! lol Good luck CJ!

Ray said...

Do what I did when I drank so much coffee I ended up with palpitations. I started drinking decaf. Three days and I didn't want coffee. It tasted funny.

Drink your tea and have coffee as a treat when you are where you can get the real thing. It will taste even better. Maybe your next hotel or apartment will have a good place to get coffee right next door. I have stayed at hotels that have actual coffee pots and real coffee. In fact when our headquarters was in Bayonne it was a requirement to have a microwave and coffee pot as part of the contract with the government. That and a continental breakfast.

My non addiction to coffee lasted about a week. Then I had to try a little moderation. I currently drink 20 to 40 ounces of coffee in the mornings if I go to Starbucks and even more if I make it at home. When I was in the Navy I wore my cup on my belt and every time I walked by a pot I had a cup. With MSC I had coffee with each meal and at the two coffee breaks during the work day. I bought a coffee maker and then drank even more.

As to health, it is supposed to help prevent certain cancers, heart failure, dementia, etc, etc, if you drink around six 6oz cups a day.

Doctors used to say it was bad for you, but there is a change. Maybe the majority of doctors are coffee drinkers.

Sultry Summers said...

Sorry you have to give up coffee. Like Kissa I'm not a coffee drinker either. Both parents were, and forbid me to partake until I was 16, by then I was more into tea and the many varried flavors. Now, I drink it again, yes, again and only because it keeps hot-flashes at bay, to a point. I do enjoy it but drink mostly de-caff. I have enough trouble sleeping. I wish you good luck with giving coffee up - me, I'm like Kissa, I go for water, lots and lots of water.

CJ England said...

I drink a lot of water as well, Kissa. It's good for you and I've always liked it. Comes from having a icy cold well in the mountains as a kid.

CJ England said...

I do like Yorkshire tea, Lynne. Got turned onto that when we were on our 25th anniversary trip to Scotland, Ireland and England. The coffee was laughable, so we drank tea the whole time we were there.

CJ England said...

Moderation, Derek, is the key AND my problem. LOL I could drink it all day long. But because of my PK, I can only get away with two cups a day. That makes it even more frustrating. I can't enjoy the little I allow myself. *pout*

CJ England said...

I'll check that out, Maria. It might at least give me a little reminder of coffee.

CJ England said...

*perks up* That's right, Marie. I'll just find a really good chocolate. I'm in Belgium. Shouldn't be too hard, right? LOL

CJ England said...

LOL, Phylis. I'm not sure...the world is SUPPOSED to spin around me. But I will get through this. I will. I will. I will.

I may need to get a hunk fix. That usually works. And if I can find a hot hunk drinking coffee... Oh yeah!

CJ England said...

I had a friend who drank coffee as you did in the military, Ray. He always carried a thermos of hot coffee. And he always had a coffee maker in his van. Addicted? You bet! LOL

CJ England said...

Sultry, I do use the caffeine to help calm my nerves and shakes sometimes. Or maybe it's to feed the need that causes the nerves and shakes. LOL

I quit drinking for about a year when I was cleansing my body to get healthy. Then I picked it up again. But overseas, it's just not worth it.