Friday, August 3, 2012

WTF? Art? Or Something Else?

Hey all,

As promised, today's blog is all about art. least it's about what people think is art.  I'm not so sure.  But if I've learned anything in my forays into art museums, it's this.  Art doesn't have to be pretty.  It doesn't have to make sense.  It doesn't even have to be made by someone with "talent".  All it takes to make something ART is the effect it has on the person looking at it.

Really, it's true.  How else can something as exquisite as a Monet or Rubens painting be lumped together with a painting done by tossing a rock into a bucket next to the canvas and calling the resulting painting, art?

Or, and while I have to admit this guy has talent, his gimmick is something quite unique.  And it was in the Photo Museum here in Antwerp, so it must be art...right?  Or does the gimmick itself elevate this man's painting to art?  You decide.  (not for children's eyes)  

Now I have to admit, when I saw this, I was fascinated.  Not just by the medium, but the fact it was in a high class museum.  And while I believe Pricasso has some talent, I more enjoyed the faces of those who watched the video of him doing the painting.  It obviously got a reaction, so it passed the test for being art.  I guess.  If you'd like to see more, check out these links...

There is other art I just don't see as "art", but it did touch something inside me.  Sometimes it was awe, sometimes disbelief that someone would call it art in the first place.

For example, at the Contemporary Museum here in town, they had a special exhibit by a man called Jimmie Durham.  And while some of his work I did like (for some reason I can't really explain), some of it was just weird and creepy.  But it definitely produced a reaction.  See what I mean in this picture to the left.  Dead deer bones and paint hanging from the ceiling.

Art?  You decide.

Yet I found myself strangely fascinated by this as well as the dozen or more other bone sculptures from this artist.  Would I put them in my home?  No bloody way.  But I did like them.  I just can't figure out why.  This one was my favorite.  I may use it in a book.  As a monster in a nightmare!  LOL

And yet there were others by this same artist that were, IMHO, ridiculous.  A handful of glass on an old TV tray.  A group of broken and smashed TVs all lined up in a row.  Those produced a reaction in me as well. 


Not for the artist.  I figure they have a right to make anything they want.  But I was amused that people looked at those things and saw them as art in the first place.

Then there was this photograph I saw in the Photo Museum.  Another fascinating piece of art, but I saw it as more shake-my-head-are-you-out-of-your-mind-crazy, than true art.  Why would you do this?  Seriously.  An obsession you can't hide?  Because it's more than showing the "beauty of the human form."  (another not for children) Click to see it full size.

He had other art, too.  Cocks on computer keyboards, naked guys taking flash pics of themselves and a couple others.  If you google the artist, Frank Schallmaier, you can see his work.  And you can decide for yourself.  Is it art or is it something else?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!

Until Monday!  You all have a great weekend!


CJ England
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The Whistler said...

I guess if everybody had the same tastes in art there would only need to be one masterpiece.

C. Zampa said...

'Art' is the form of expression. The fact that some is so radical and strange is just a testamant to the beautiful spectrum of imagination out there.

In my opinion, the more radical projects such as in the photos are simply outward manifestation of what lurks in some very lovely, wild minds.

I love it.

Is it art? Yes.

CJ England said...

Very true, Robert. I love all the different types of art there are. I guess what does bug me is when an artist does something like paint a canvas black--only black--and then they call it art. I just can't agree with that.

CJ England said...

I agree, C. The creepy skull creature is definitely art. Weird, but art. But I can't get into glass on a TV tray. To me, that's not even an expression of art.

Phylis said...

Those are some really strange art forms. How do you come up with the idea to paint a picture with your penis? So shall a woman use her breast? It's different, maybe not what I would like to look at but I've had problems with sculptures that way. To each his own.

CJ England said...

You're right, Phylis. To each his own. And it seems Pricasso really enjoys his work. LOL