Friday, June 5, 2015

Enjoying What's in My Own Backyard

Hey all,

Look at me...two weeks in a row.  *smile*  Maybe I actually AM back on track.  LOL  And it feels really, really good.

I've been here in Columbus for just over a week now.  My apartment is set up, I've got my list of things to go see and the daily schedule is set.  Columbus has quite a few outdoor venues, parks, gardens and river walks to enjoy, plus a few museums and other attractions.

In this city we will be taking a long weekend and heading up to visit Niagara Falls.  We're probably going to do it over the Father's Day weekend since my birthday is the week before.  Two birds with one stone and all.  :-)

I'm looking forward to it, have always wanted to visit Niagara.  Since we went to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, it only seems right we head to the famous falls here in the USA.

We also will be going on some bike rides.  I've found a website that gives us a list of wonderful rides here in the Ohio area.  If the weather holds (and it's been COLD and windy here lately) we're thinking of taking a ride through Amish country this next week.  I love the peaceful country roads, old barns and small villages.  I know I'll take tons of photos.  

Anyway, I've been out once already and found a beautiful park just north of the city.  Whetstone Park, or The Park of the Roses is one of the most famous parks in Columbus.  I went the other day and while the roses hadn't quite popped yet, it was still a beautiful park.  Check out these pics.

 I'll go back in a few weeks to check it out again.  See what new roses are blooming.  I'm sure when everything is up and going, it will be gorgeous.

After the park I spent some time at a couple graveyards.  The Union Cemetery and Greenlawn are both VERY American (which means not as ornate as other countries) but I did find some pretty memorials.  Here are a few pics from those cemeteries...

That's the Kooza big top in the background!

A family plot.  Americans do one large stone with smaller ones below.  

Flags were put on veterans graves to celebrate Memorial Day.  Beautiful.

As you can see, there are some interesting things to see here in Columbus.  I've just started my time in this city and I'm looking forward to the next month.

Until next time...


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Phylis said...

Welcome back! I went to Niagara falls when I was 8 I think. Long time ago! Look forward to seeing more pictures of the places you see.

Ray said...

Another set of beautiful pictures

CJ England said...

Hey Phylis,

It's hard to believe I've walked the Great Wall of China and seen Mount Everest, but never been to Niagra Falls. Time to correct that! LOL


CJ England said...

Thanks, Ray.

I promise there are more to come!