Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Now We Can Talk About That Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Pt. 1)

Hey there,

I'm so sorry for putting you off about my "moving" experience. But I had a wonderful release day, and I'm pleased as anything about the response for my latest story, Skyrockets in Flight. If you missed it, scroll back one post and take a look at last Friday's Blog.

If you like fireworks and hot summer nights, beautiful mountain lakes, and memories to last for a lifetime, I think you'll really enjoy this short story. I know I loved taking a trip back in time to a place where I'd spent so many enjoyable summer vacations and I hope, as of last Friday, you will enjoy it as well.

But as great as Friday was, I still owe you a blog about my my son's adventures in moving.  And I have to say it's a doozy.  Ready?

Once upon a moving day, my son showed up at the truck rental company.  It was a beautiful day down in Orlando and he was ready to go. The truck and car dolly was rented...or so he thought...

Ooops.  You need a truck with a ramp? Hmmm. No truck there. So sorry...give us an hour and we'll give you 12% off. 

Well, nothing we could do about THAT, so we waited.

Truck came, all is good and off he went to storage...and then...

Oooops.  Big 26' truck, itty bitty turning space. But my son with his mad long haul trucker skills, did what had to be a 36,564 point turn and got it in where we needed it to be. Thus, the loading commenced.

And commenced.
And commenced.

A few hours and several hired helpers later and the truck was packed. I won't even go into how long or crazy the day was.  Bottom line, people...

We gots a lot of stuff!  LOL

But he persevered, got it done and headed home to get some very much needed rest go out on a date with a cute girl.

And the next day, he was finally on the road. It took him most of the day to get up to Atlanta when he was picking up his cousin who was going to help him out on the other end of the journey.  But you know how it is seeing a favorite cousin. 

Ooooops. You forget what's going on in real life and go have FUN... Which is fine except when it puts you REALLY behind schedule.

So by the time you get back on the road again it's later than expected. Late enough in the afternoon so you'll be pushing dark by the time you get done. If you get done.  Which...

Oooooops. Doesn't happen.  In fact...you don't even get started. Why??? Because again... big 26' power-whimpy truck on long, scary, unexpected grades and ridiculously skinny narrow-ass roads!

So, he gets to the bottom of the hill below where our house is and the damn truck nearly blows a transmission trying to get up it. He scouts around, trying to find another way, and if there isn't a hairpin turn, the roads are too small for a big moving truck to get up them.

So, back and forth they go, trying to decide what to do. We're talking and FBing with him trying to figure out how to help from so far away.  Talk about helpless.  God... I don't think I've ever felt so disconnected from something.

Upshot is, he winds up parking at the bottom of the hill and walking up to the house.  There he finds that even if he had gotten the truck up there, our driveway (which we KNEW was somewhat small) was soooooo narrow, he couldn't have gotten the truck anywhere NEAR our new place.

So what's a boy to do...

A few hours and several more back and forths later, we'd run out of any ideas that would work. And since it was LATE Sunday night...and the day before Memorial Day, we knew we were pretty much out of luck getting ANYTHING done tomorrow.

Ooooooops. Our moving day just turned into two!!!!

And stay tuned for that part two on Friday!


CJ England

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Ray said...

Did he have to rent or borrow a smaller truck to go from the moving van to the house and back?