Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year and Family

Before we get started on today's topic, I wanted to give a big shout out to Tess MacKall and her Three Wicked Writers Plus Two blog for nominating CJ's Living Dreams for the Stylish Blogger Award.  I'm am beyond honored and will pass the torch to others as well.

For those who have been nominated, there are few criteria to meet:

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And those things about myself...

1.  I have two tattoos.
2.  My favorite sound is the music the wind makes as it moves amongst the trees.
3.  If I could live on anything foodwise all by itself, it would have to be chocolate.  And artichoke hearts.  I wonder if they'd go good together?  *scribbles note to self to find out*
4.  I've been to all the continents but Antarctica and Africa.  They're next on my bucket list.
5.  My favorite author is Nora Roberts and my favorite series is her In Death series.  I want to be La Nora when I grow up.  :-P
6.  When I'm not reading, I love to watch movies, hike in the woods and swim in the ocean.
7.  And finally, I've been married almost 27 years to the same hottie who makes me laugh, cry and is my bestest friend.


So, now that's all done, how about some pics of Chinese New Year???  I'll just put up a bunch of them and then on Wednesday I'll do some more sharing overall.  Enjoy!!!!

 2011...the Year of the RABBIT

Jeramiah arrives for Chinese New Year.  My baby boy is home!!!!

Senado Square Lights and Decorations

 The famous Dragon Dance.  This dragon was huge.  You can see it snaking back and forth across the steps  of St. Paul's.  The thing was over 300 yards long!!!!  If you click on the pic you can see it better.

Some of the decorations around town.  The statues are the Chinese Gods of Fortune.

 The Lion Dance being done at the Venician Casino.  This was the first time Jeramiah had seen it.

These Chinese Gods stand at attention in the middle of the roundabout near our apartment.

A performance at the MGM Casino. Lion dancers and drummers.  Absolutely Awesome!!!

One of the things they do during the New Year is have these great wind mobiles EVERYWHERE!!!  All kinds, of every shape and size.  I loved this one so Jeramiah carried it for me.  He's so bloody tall--he's 6'3"--everyone kept staring up at him and the wind mobile.  We got a great laugh out of it!  LOL

Another one of the many beautiful decorations.  We were having a cuppa and resting our poor tired feet.

Something not seen in the good old US of A.  Firecrackers.  Loud and Long!  It was GREAT!!!!!  Several times many of these would go off at a time and it was deafening.  And the smell of the sulfur was something I won't soon forget.

 I hope you enjoyed the pics.  Drop a comment and tell me which was your favorite and why!!!  I'll be back on Wednesday with another round of photos from the rest of the time my son was visiting.  Disney and Pandas and Lighthouses...OH MY!!!!


CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


D. Musgrave said...

My favorite picture?
The one with you and Jeramiah hugging.
The reason is obvious, you both look so happy.

Great blog as always!

CJ England said...

Thanks, D.

I was so glad to see him I jumped into his arms right in the ferry terminal.

All the locals looked embarrassed, but we didn't care. LOL

lisa avila said...

The first two pictures the rabbits are great but your son in your arms is awesome. Did it bring back the memory of the very first time you held him?

CJ England said...


It did. He was big then and he's even bigger now. LOL I was so very glad to see him.

felinewyvern said...

My favourite? The one of Jeramiah with the wind mobile followed by the happiest 'mum hugs son' picture I've seen in a long time. Looks rather the way I was last November (only I got to do it four times :D)

The Dragon and Lion dance photos took me on a nostalgic journey to when I live in Hong Kong and watched them in person. Awesome!!

High Five Bakeshop said...

It must be a sentimental night because my favorite was the hug, too!
My son went to Japan when he was only 14 and although he wasn't 6'1" like he is now, he stood out like your son did in China. The family who hosted him pinched his cheeks and kept touching his thick, golden hair. It was the cutest thing.
I am so happy that you shared these special moments with us and hope to see more soon!

CJ England said...


I've got that mobile on my balcony and every time it spins (which it does all the time) I remember him walking around with it.

And the other pic is getting blown up for our wall. It's too perfect!


CJ England said...


I'm blonde too as you can see in the pics and I get A LOT of looks. Kids snicker and point and I've had older people literally stop and stare at me like I'm from another planet. LOL

At first it was disconcerting. Now I barely notice.

I also love the fact someone who wants to practice their English (usually kids) will just walk up to me and start having this conversation like I'm a long lost friend. I've met a lot of interesting people that way. LOL

Mannouchka said...

Dear CJ,
I want to thank you for all the pictures I really like the one where your hug your son and the other one where he sits with his dad .They all very beautiful I was able to see that Jeramiah enjoy his time and the new Chinise year.
Thanks again CJ
Have a nice evening and a nice Tuesday

CJ England said...

Thanks, Mannouchka,

Those are great pictures. And knowing he enjoyed himself made the time even better.

Have an awesome week!

Phylis said...

I have to vote for the Mom and son hug! The looks on your faces...priceless! Then the second one is the rabbits under the tree. They so look like spring and we went back to winter with temps in the teens at night. Brrrr! Looks like you had a good time!

CJ England said...


Thanks. Those are my fave pics, too. The rabbits were so pretty. They were at the MGM casino where the drummers were.

Stay warm. It's gotten cool here again, but for the first time in a month I could actually see the coastline of China. LOL

Ray said...

I agree with Derek about my favorite. All of the pictures are gorgeous.


CJ England said...

Thanks, Ray.

Wait until you see the ones posting on Wednesday. (grin) Might bring back some memories.