Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear World, I Miss My Critters. Love CJ

Hey all,

One of the hardest things about traveling and not having a real "home" is missing those you love.  For me it's my children.  All of them.  The human ones and the furry, scaly or feathery ones.  And while I can touch base with my human children by FB, Skype and emails, I have a difficult time having a bit of a chat with my critters.

I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. ~~~Winston Churchill

Knowing we were going to be going overseas, I quit doing any rescues and most of my ferrets had died of old age by the time I went to Macau.  And Joxer, my last fert, passed away when we were waiting to meet up with Cirque in Paris.

So, now I'm down to two furry children.  My cat, Athena and my dog, Ares.  And I miss them so very much.  I was so used to them snuggling up against me when I was working.  Stepping on the keyboard and erasing most of my writing, getting fur all over my monitor and head bumping when they'd figured I'd ignored them for too long.

Ahhhh...good times!

But here, I don't have those distractions, and if I have one regret about being a circus gypsy, it's that.  I really miss having my fur friends around. 

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.~~~Roger Caras

I do what I can to get my fuzzy fix.  I make friends with dogs and try and learn how to say "here, kitty, kitty" in whatever language I need.  LOL  I visit zoos and have long conversations with whatever animal comes close enough to speak to.  But it's not the same.  I wish I could have a small pet.  Even a hamster would help, but I can't and that sucks.

I was reminded of how much I missed my babies when I checked my August holiday list. Did you know that today is International Homeless Animals Day?  As a shelter mom who has adopted cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, birds, reptiles and many other critters, homeless animals is an issue very close to my heart.  There are so many furry sweethearts out there who need homes, so I always encourage people to check out the shelters first.  You can save a life and find a forever friend at a shelter.  And if you have a few extra bucks, send it to your local shelter.  I guarantee you, they need it.  Feeding fur babies costs money.

A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden. ~~~Robert Southey

And if you don't have money, but have a little extra time, try working at a shelter.  There is always a lot to be done, from cleaning, to paperwork, to the fun part...exercising or loving on the animals.  And while there are a lot of excellent charities out there targeting human less-fortunates, I always give my extra cash to the SPCA and their like...because animals can't speak up for themselves.

So if you have critters of your own, give them a hug for me.  Know how fortunate you are to be able to experience the total love and loyalty of a dog or the humorous standoffishness of a cat.  Snuggle with them and tell them you love them.  Because they are special and a part of your family.  And that makes you one of the luckiest people on the planet.

I'll leave you with some special words by an obvious animal lover...

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

Until Wednesday...


CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Ellen said...


We have 3 cats and an axita/rottie mix. I cannot imagine being away for more than a day. . . Wish I could send you a cat pile snuggle via your blog.


Unknown said...

Pets adopted are the best pets in the world. My cat Cheddar was a rescue, who was passed from person to person till we got him. Now this is his forever home. Can't imagine life without him.

Carrie Lynn Barker said...

Sending you lots of furry hugs, CJ!

Angela Drake said...

All but one of my furbabies found their way to me... this is where they were meant to be loved and cared for. Okay, maybe spoiled is a better word. Even the raccoon - Miss Thing - who has been coming to our door for cat food and graham crackers for almost 5 years. She takes them right out of my hand - probably my lap is the butter tom would let her get that close hehe.

They truly do love unconditionally.
Here's to getting back to your babies soon and some cat hair to keep you company while you're away.

Phylis said...

Awwwww....Hugs CJ! Life would be really quiet around here if we didn't have Buddy. Now that the kids are in college it would be really lonely. Even though I have Michael, you just need the furry hugs. Take care!

J.D. Faver said...

I'm sure your furries miss you as much as you miss them. I say this while my rat terrier/Chihuahua mix is snuggled against me as close as she can be. My 2 elderly cats are nearby but don't care much for this very energetic young dog. Sending you warm fuzzies.

Ray said...

We have two new kittens. As long as three year old Alexis is awake they hide out. Whenever she is asleep they hang out with me under my bed, on my bed or if I don't let them in outside my door. I can't wait until they are old enough to quit getting into things.

Unknown said...

Living without a pet for several years made me sad. I wish you had a way to have even one little one with you.

All my pets come from shelters when we get them. There are so many in need of a good home.


CJ England said...

Hey Ellen,

I wish you could too! Thanks for the thought and give them all a sqwooge from me!

CJ England said...

I love the term, forever home, Peggy. So many people believe pets are products--something to toss or give away when unwanted or broken. And that is so wrong. They are thinking, feeling, loving creatures who deserve the same respect we'd give humans. More in my opinion!

CJ England said...

Thanks, Carrie! I'll take them.

CJ England said...

Thanks, Angela. I love your racoon's name. Miss Thing. LOL And I'll take the cat, dog, ferret and even the raccoon hair. Who'd have thought I'd miss it soooo much.

CJ England said...

I agree, Phylis. I love Jonathon with all that is in me, but you don't realize how alone you are when you've no fur babies to be pestered by. I want to cuddle a kittah or puppy on my lap and just sigh.

CJ England said...

Thanks, JD. I'll take the virtual furry hugs. Makes me misty eyed to get so many kind comments and fuzzy snuggles. Makes my day!

CJ England said...

LOL Ray. Try having eight ferrets. They NEVER grow out of getting into things! I surely miss wondering what they will steal next. LOL

CJ England said...

Shelters, especially non-kill ones are the best place to get critters, Connie. So many needy forever friends ready to be taken home. Makes me sad I can't get them all.