Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Introducing...The Wandering Star Collection!!!

Hey all,

I'm excited to announce a brand new series!  It's one I've been working on for almost four years now, and it's finally time to unveil it.  

The first book is called What Happens in Mexico, and it started out on my FREE READ blog as as short story.  

It's been revised, edited and polished, and since Mexico was the first country I visited out of the United States, I decided that the first book of the series should be about that most special place. Here's a little about this story of romantic suspense...

In a Sultry, Tropical Paradise Two Strangers Discover a Love as Hot as the Mexican Sun.

When Tori Roberts goes to Puerto Vallarta for one last vacation before getting married, she has no idea a simple drink in a bar will change her life forever.

Matt Sinclair is a private investigator in town to find a scientist who has stolen a formula for a designer type of cocaine. But things get complicated when he rescues Tori after someone spikes her drink at the bar. She’s his way out of Mexico, and he’ll use any means necessary to keep her close.

The chance meeting stirs emotions neither expected, and the heat they’re feeling isn’t just from the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately, their vacation paradise is fraught with danger and someone is determined to destroy them both. But Matt is determined to romance his lady, and not even a missing wedding license, an irate fiancé or a band of blood thirsty drug runners are going to stop him from showing Tori what they could have together.

Will what happens in Mexico stay in Mexico? Or will Matt and Tori make it out of Mexico alive?

And in love?

Want to learn more about this hot, sexy read?  Check out the excerpt at  my website...

Curious as to how this series got started?  

One of my favorite memories growing up was of sitting at my Nana’s knee and watching movies. She had a treasure trove of them, all different genres, some old, some new. But the shows I enjoyed the most were the musicals.

A movie we saw over and over again was Paint Your Wagon with Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and Jean Seberg. In it, Lee Marvin sings the most wonderful song, “Wan’drin Star”.

The lyrics share his belief that the best way to enjoy your life is to never stay in one place too long. And when it is time to go, he’s always heading away from home, rarely traveling to it. As a sixteen year old who’d never been out of California, after watching that, I thought that since I loved traveling, I, too, must have been born under a wandering star.

Many years later, when Jonathon and I started roaming the world, I remembered this song and my teenage conviction. “Wan’drin Star” quickly became the theme for what we wanted to do with our lives since as long as we were together, no matter where we wandered, we were already home.

When I decided to write about each of the places we’d visited in our wanderings, I knew immediately I should name my new series after this amazing song.

So go on a dune buggy ride with me in sultry, tropical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Put on your hiking boots to explore the beautiful high mountains and shadowy gorges of Aareschlucht, Switzerland. Travel by riverboat to discover the verdant jungles and sapphire waterways near Manaus, Brazil. And finally, jet off to cosmopolitan yet mysterious Paris, France, to unearth secrets at the most famous City of the Dead, Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Each of these, as well as the rest of the Wandering Star books, are set in an area of the world I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in. And knowing how blessed I am to have experienced all those cultures and met so many wonderful people, I wanted to share those memories with my readers. So, I’ve taken my adventures, added a little imagination magic and penned a collection of sensual romance stories that will appeal to the armchair traveler in all of us. I hope you’ll enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed doing the research for them.

As always, thanks for your support, and remember, not all who wander are lost because they are... Following Their Dreams!

Until next time...

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams

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