Friday, July 24, 2015

Not a Minnow...or a Guppy...It's a SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all, 

I'm having a wonderful time here in Virginia Beach. Even though Jonathon and I had a quiet weekend on Monday and Tuesday, it's a really nice area to wander and play in when you want to.

I've been to the beach several times now, enjoyed a beautiful wild life sanctuary and wandered the boardwalk shopping for fun stuff.

We plan to go to the National Maritime Museum next week, as well as The Dismal Swamp. Then the weekend after we're heading up to DC to visit a friend and tour the city a bit.  We'd love to go to the Smithsonian and the Zoo.

But here, like in Columbus, my highest priority is getting back on track with my writing. And so far, I'm not doing so bad. I think it will get even easier as I go along, since the start up is always the complicated part.

So it was nice to take a few minutes over the last week and be totally uncomplicated.  

And how did we do that, you may ask? Jonathon and I spent a few evenings watching this year's Shark Week offerings.

I'll admit it. I'm a Sharky. Love it. Adore it. Watch it EVERY year.  Even last year's debacle was downloaded and watched even though we were overseas. Though, I have to admit I almost turned in my Shark Week Watcher T-shirt after I "Oh, My God"ded my way through Megladon: The New Evidence.

I was right there with the rest of the hard core Sharkies when we called for the firing of whoever put such garbage together and tried to foist it on an unsuspecting public. Discovery Channel isn't a movie channel, and if you are going to make a docudrama about a shark that's come back from the dead, you damn well better make sure it's labeled as such.

While I love a good scary shark move (I adore the Scyfy movies like Sharktopus and Sharknado), you shouldn't have to wonder whether what you're seeing is real or fantasy.  So, I was happy to hear that the head of the network had been blasted for 2014's crappy shows, and the new policy was to be MUCH more careful and truthful with shows from that point on.

So, we watched 2015 with bated breath. Would it be as horribly ridiculous as the previous year?  Or would it be rebooted to the great programming of the past?

Well, Shark Week is now over and I have to say, we were both VERY pleased at this year's offerings. There weren't nearly as many white shark shows, which we enjoy, but we don't want EVERY show to be about white sharks. We learned a lot, too. Things we hadn't ever heard before about sharks. Out of the seven or eight shows we watched, we decided that all but one was a huge improvement over 2014's shows.  Yay!!!!

And, because of that, we'll give them another chance to wow us during our stay here in the USA, and we'll definitely be back next year--wearing our shark fins--to watch more of the fun and informative shows about these awesome and still misunderstood creatures.

Are you a Sharky? Do you love Shark Week like I do?  If so, what did you think of their programmng this year?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next week,

CJ England

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Ray said...

I am using the picture from this blog as today's wallpaper. Very nice twilight picture.

I'm not much into scary movies. I did like jaws and Piranha, but they were more laughable than scary. This latest crop of movies is not my thing. I do like one series, Bitten, about werewolf turf war.

The real movies for shark week are worth watching for me. When I was in Pensacola, FL in 1964 I went swimming across the state line in Alabama Shores. I got struck very hard in the thigh with a semi submerged log. It numbed my leg for a few minutes. I reach down and touched my leg to see if it was still there. I thought I had been bitten for sure.

Phylis said...

I peeked in on the three headed shark movie and the zombie shark....all I could do was shake my head! LOL. Not a huge shark fan but I do like finding out new facts about stuff!

CJ England said...


Jaws scared the heck out of me. Seriously scared me right out of a career in marine biology. I regretted it for years. The rest of the franchise just made me giggle. Especially three and four.

CJ England said...

I'm trying to find downloads for those two, Phylis. And the new Sharktopus one as well. I can't wait to snark my way through them.