Friday, September 25, 2015

A Granny Is Just An Antique Little Girl

Hey all,

September has been an awesome month for me.  I birthed a new book series, had it picked up by a great new publisher and just the other day I got the bestest news ever!!!!

I'm gonna be a Granny!!!!!!

Yep!  I am expecting my very first grandbaby.  And I'm sooooo excited. My brother's kids and Jonathon's brother's kids have been having babies left and right, but this new life is the first that will bloom on our side of the family tree.

My oldest son Jeramiah and his beautiful lady, Autumn gave us the news on Monday.  They called me up and after much hemming and hawing and making me wait--building suspense, he said. It will be fun, he said--they informed me I was to be a grandmother.

I about screamed.  Then I froze.  Were they talking about the dogs?  Maybe I was going to be a fur granny.  When I hesitantly asked, they busted up laughing and told me, no...this grandbaby would only have two feet!  *VBG*

I was delighted.  Past delighted and happy.  It was a huge surprise and actually a miracle since Autumn had been told she couldn't have kids.  So God stepped in and like they say in the movies, "Nature found a way."

They are due in May, which seems to be one of the breeding months in the England family.  LOL  A lot of the family is born in May, which makes it easier to remember birthdays, but it was hard on the pocketbook.

I'm already planning all the things I want to buy for this baby.  I remember wandering through the markets of South America wishing I had a grandbaby to buy all the cool clothes for.  I'll be able to rectify that when we head back next year.  AWESOME!!!!!

But it also means we'll be coming home more. One of the things we promised ourselves was when the grandbabies started to come along, we'd think about traveling less.  We'll toss it up to God and see what HE wants us to do, but I want to be actively involved in my grandkids lives, not have to skype them from three thousand miles away.

It will be different than when my kids were growing up.  My brothers and I lived close by to our parents, so they saw the grandkids often.  It wasn't until my babies were a bit older that we started traveling.  But I've got so many great memories of all the cousins together.  And even though my kids are spread through the country right now, I hope we can bring them together as often as possible.

It's an amazing feeling to know a new life has been created.  I haven't even held this child yet and I already adore it.  I'm going to spoil him or her rotten! In fact, I'm going to be the Granny everyone is warned about.  The one that comes in riding a Harley and brings the kids not just a drum set, but the whole damn band!!!!


Can you tell I'm a bit excited?  LOL

Anyway, keep Jeramiah, Autumn and little baby England/Peters in your thoughts and prayers. Because it was such a surprise, this miracle is taking a little getting used to.  But these two will be the best parents.  They know what a blessing this baby is and once they've gotten their heads wrapped around the concept of three--not two, their lives will be one exciting adventure.

Especially when this "rockin Granny" comes to visit!  WooHoo!!!!

You all have a great week.  Hug your family and know just how blessed you are!!!!!!

Until Next time...

CJ England

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Phylis said...

Congratulations! Pretty awesome and exciting news! September has turned out to be quite a month for me as well. Both of my children are now engaged! Such a surprise but a nice one. lol Enjoy your preps for the grand baby to come.