Friday, September 4, 2015

...You Might Be In Texas

Hey all,

We've been in the mighty state of Texas now for just over a week.  Since I've been getting my book ready to be published, (Life's a Dance---Links are HERE) I haven't had much time to wander around Austin yet, but I was able to visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens. 

It's a lovely little spot, chock full of themed gardens and even thought it was the last of summer, there were still quite a few beautiful flowers and plants around.  

It was raining most of the time I was there, but I loved it.  I was all alone and the serenity and privacy was like the garden was all mine!!!

I particularly liked the Japanese and Prehistoric Gardens.  Quite amazing! Here are a few pics of that wonderful day...

I'm really enjoying it here in Texas, and even though I haven't had a chance to see much, I've seen enough to know the next few weeks are going to be pretty amazing. Just going to the store is an adventure.  Walking down the street is an eye opener.  Let's just say I wouldn't need to visit any museums, parks or attractions to be entertained here. 

So, in honor of the hysterically funny Jeff Foxworthy, here are a few Texas funnies to entertain YOU.

1.  If you go to your neighborhood Walmart and find yourself wandering down the vitamin aisle right next to two cowboys complete with hat, worn out boots, spurs, chaps and enough dust to make up the Chisholm Trail...

You might be in Texas.

2.  If you are are in a local grocery store and come across something that looks like prickly pear cactus and it's not in the plant nursery section, but in the vegetable aisle right next to the celery...

You might be in Texas.

3.  If you find 60 degrees chilly and reach for the nearest coat...

You might be in Texas

4.  If you go into a supermarket to buy some BBQ sauce and find the selection takes up the entire aisle...both sides...

You might be in Texas.

5.  And finally, if you're driving down the road and see this sign on a neighborhood bar...

You might be in Texas.

I hope you enjoyed these.  And honestly!  Each one of them are true and happened to me!!!  Do you have a funny to share?  Do so in the comments below.

I'll be back on Tuesday with my latest re-release!

Until then,

CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


Ray said...

Foxworthy is a sharp character. I loved his TV show, Are you smarter than a fifth grader.

I like that section of the garden featuring succulents. I love cacti unless I fall into one like I did in the dark at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Maria said...

The pictures of the garden are beautiful! Looks like you are having a grand time in TX...I pretty much knew they would have some prickly cactus in the produce