Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Announcing Another Re-Release...Cowboy Up!

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No guest blogger today, but I do have something special for you all.  This last Friday, I finally re-released my novella length summer romance, Cowboy Up.

This story is really special to me and I wanted to share it with all my readers.

I was one of those horse crazy girls that lived, ate and breathed everything horse. I had my horse, Danny and spent some of my happiest days of my life wandering around the countryside on his back. And when I was old enough I started showing him, and while we did okay in actual showmanship, our hearts were all about the rodeo.

Danny did great at barrel racing, poles and we even flirted with a little trick riding. But he really excelled in the keyhole race. He could stop on a dime, spin and take off so fast he often left my stomach behind him.  *grin*

And the people who made that all possible were my neighbors, Homer and Vera Farra.  Both were not only fantastic people and neighbors, but Homer was an old rodeo hand who'd even done a few movies and Vera...she was something special, too.  Vera introduced pants to women rodeo riders and was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1979.

Can you imagine someone like them teaching you how to ride? Trust me, I was in horsey-heaven!

So, take a quick look at Cowboy Up and while you're reading it, know that this one isn't just a story. A great deal of it was taken straight outta the chute.  Which in rodeo parlance, means the truth. It all really happened.  I took bits and pieces and fashioned the book out of what happened to me as well as some of my close friends.

After all, doesn't that sometimes make the best stories even better? 

Check out this blurb!

In sun-drenched South Lake Tahoe, the excitement of a summer rodeo brings three years of secret passion into the light.

Sierra Rawlings loves to work, ride, and play hard, but it’s her hidden desire for neighbor, Dalton Grant, that really keeps her on her toes.  But she needs her independence more, and his habit of bossing her around is too much to bear.
Three years ago, Dalton thought he’d roped and gentled Sierra.  One night of passion under the stars had him thinking of forever, but even as he made his plans, she ran from him, and he’d never been able to comprehend why.

The annual summer rodeo brings them together, and their hidden desires flare hot.  But just as they are beginning to understand each other, a danger from the past intrudes on the present, forcing Sierra and Dalton to learn a painful lesson about trust.  It’s time for these two stubborn people to cowboy up and admit their feelings, before anger and a bull named Body Bag steal their last chance away.

Learn more about this great story and read an excerpt at... My Cowboy Up Page.
Buy this book at many fine retailers.  Amazon, KOBO, NOOK and All Romance.

And please, let me know what you think!!!!

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