Friday, May 27, 2016

Honey Bunny or Wild Honey...That is the Question!

Hey all,

Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes everyone sent me for our new home.  I know this new adventure will be as amazing as we think it will be.

The hardest part will be us being so far away and being able to enjoy it only part time. BUT...we knew it would be that way, so we'll suck it up for the next couple years and direct our crews (aka poor misused children) to do the work fun we can't do. *grin*

The last few weeks have been crazy trying to get all the paperwork done and make last minute plans to get our stuff moved up.  Doing it long distance is a constant challenge.

But, if all goes well, by the time you read this our things will be getting packed up in the big twenty-six foot Penske truck to head north to Gatlinburg!  Woot!!!

We've got pictures of our storage unit so we can direct our son in the packing, but I'd forgotten just how full we had the thing. we have a lot of stuff!!!  And I can't remember what half of it is!  LOL

It's so bad I've asked my son to take pictures of the different furniture and appliances so I can remember what I have to play with!  I guess  that's what happens when you haven't had your own home in four forget what you owned.

Anyway, we'd thought most of the brain work would be done doing the actual signing and paperwork, but BOY...were we wrong!

It seems that what we did before was easy-peasy compared to figuring out what repairs to make first, where we get our mail, and what color we wanted to paint.

Do you KNOW how many colors of warm sand there are???  So, do I choose Honey Bunny or Wild Honey? Which will go with the rustic woodwork we have there? What would go best with our vision of what we want for our home? (pic to the left)

I swear, by the time I'd scrolled through Glidden, Olympic, Behr, Valspar and Benjamin Moore, I was seeing paint swatches in my dreams. Rainbows of colors wheeling in circles in my head and dribbling out my eyes.

Six...count 'em, six hours later I had my top choices. My sweet baboo agreed and we were set. We'd matched the colors to the picture that was our vision. Now, all that is left is to see if it REALLY will look like I imagined it would.

But for that, I'll have to wait. Through packing the truck...the long, long drive north...the stop at a relatives to pick up some needed muscle and then the unpacking and settling in. Yup, I have to wait until Mr. Fix it, aka Jasiah the youngest son, gets settled in Gatlinburg and actually starts painting.

*que Jeopardy music*

And until I know for sure, I've got this horrible feeling my dreams will NOT be my own. The Honey Bunny will be wrestling Wild Honey in my nightmares!

I'll let you know who wins!

Until Next Time!!!


CJ England


Phylis said...

Just keep thinking of how nice it will all be to come home in the future and it will be all done! Meanwhile, keep your paintbrush on hand to defend against the pain swatches! lol

Ray said...

Now it is more than a dream. I wish my house was like that.