Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Research Can Be Pretty Dragon Distracting!

Hey all,

The second book in the Dragon Games series is going pretty well. Readers have good things to say about it. :-)  Which is always nice for an author to hear.  It's even nicer *hint, hint* to see a review written about the book. But no matter what, I just keep writing because I enjoy finding out what my characters are up to. 

Case in point is the dragon Ormr Jormungan, who was briefly mentioned in the first story, Snip! Snap! Dragon! and had a bit bigger of a part to play in Truth or Dragon

Readers are already asking if he'll get his own story and the answer is, YES!!! Book three, Hide and Go Dragon, is about the Norwegian born Ormr and his forever mate, Magdeline.

Ormr's story has it all. Passion, intrigue, controversy, with a touch of sadness and tragedy.  Pure CJ England. The type of story that when you're reading it, you truly DO need a fire extinguisher and a box of Kleenex standing by.

I'm in the process of writing it now, and as often happens, as I'm researching different aspects of the story, I spend a lot of time on the internet. I'm pretty good about focusing only on the book I'm working on, but even in that I find myself easily distracted.

For example, Magdeline is from London and her husband, a member of the Royal Air Force, as you'll find out in Truth or Dragon, was killed while piloting a plane over Afghanistan.  Some of the research I needed to do was to discover what, if any, widow benefits she would be entitled to.

I found that out rather quickly, but was distracted by some of the changes in the payments over the years. Which led me back to WWII and the London Blitz and how people dealt with the constant terror or bombs dropping overhead.

I'm not a war buff, but my sweet baboo is, so I've learned some things by osmosis. But learning how the war affected the regular, every day shop keeper or homemaker, for me that was very interesting.  Interesting enough to forget completely about lunch. Oh well, I was wanting to lose a few pounds!

Another example is, since Ormr is from Norway and that isn't a place we've visited yet, while I'm not (because I only set books in places where I've been) setting any of the scenes there, I do allude to Ormr's growing up years and where he's from.  So off I went to some travel sites to discover where I wanted him to have lived.

And wow!  Can I just say that Norway is an absolutely fascinating country? I went to find the mountains where a rage of dragons might hide away, but found instead so many beautiful fjords, villages and forests, I had to ask Ormr if I could change his background completely!

He wound up choosing his own place to call home. A tall mountain over one of the most picturesque villages I've ever seen. Geirangerfjord. And of course, once he did that, we got distracted about what that area had to offer. The sights, the history, the food...it was several hours before I looked up and realized I'd been thoroughly distracted. *sigh*

Norway is one of our bucket list countries and now, even more than before I can't wait to visit.  A long boat ride up the fjords? Hiking up some of the mountains?  Oh yeah, you don't have to be a dragon to enjoy that!

Until Next Time!!!


CJ England


Ray said...

Twice, 1971 and in 1983 after NATO Military exercises in the Fjords of Northern Norway we stopped in Bergen, Norway on the way back. The first time two friends and I bought wine, Jarlsberg Cheese and bread to eat in a city park. One thing I noticed was the many babies conceived in the long winters being pushed about in strollers. Must be nothing to do on long winters nights in Norway. I wonder how things have changed.

Phylis said...

I seem to be attracted to mountains no matter where they are but that picture is gorgeous! I enjoyed the last two Dragon stories and I am looking forward to the next one!