Monday, May 2, 2016

This Rolling Stone Gathers Some Plot Bunnies

Hey all,

I've been very proud of myself lately. With lots of things to do, and being sooooo busy with everything, I'm still balancing my life properly. At least in a way I can enjoy Buenos Aires, continue writing and editing, take some down time for crafting AND deal with personal stuff back home.

I'm not bragging. I know better than to do that. Being too pleased with yourself is a sure fire way to screw yourself over. But I've been working hard to get this aspect of my life in order, and even if I'm doing good for a single day this week, it's a huge success in my book.

Because I've been to South America before, I've had more time to do my writing. And I have to say I'm really pleased at how well THAT'S been going. I had quite a few orphaned releases I had to get back up on sale, and I'm finished with all but about half a dozen or so of those.  I've released several new stories, have several more in the works, and I've signed with a new publishing house that I like working with very much.

As to that, I wanted to take today to announce the newest contract I've signed with Changeling Press. Just yesterday I signed to be part of an ongoing multi-author series called "Set in Stone".  It's a nod to--you guessed it--the Rolling Stones, and each story will take it's title from one of the band's many, many songs.I've chosen the song "Beast of Burden", and it will most likely be a paranormal shapeshifter story set in the exotic mountains of Nepal.

Can you guess what BEAST I'll be writing about? LOL 

Since Jonathon and I spent one of our vacations in the beautiful village of Nagarkot, Nepal near Katmundu, I can't wait to pull out pictures and make some of my memories spring to life on the written page.

It is set to be released sometime next year, but the rest of the series, written by some other fantastic Changeling authors will come out one or two a month starting July of 2016. (subject to publisher's master calendar, of course) Keep your eyes open for those as well.

I'm having fun again and am VERY glad I'm starting to get back on track writing wise. I may not be as prolific as I was, but I'm more concerned about enjoying my WHOLE life, not just my working life, so what I'm doing now, makes me much happier.

And if things keep going the way I hope they will, I'll be even happier in the future!

Until next Friday!

CJ England


Ray said...

I like the title to your contribution to the project. When I use my GPS through the car radio via USB I can only hear the GPS voice and my iTunes songs. One of the first on my list is Beast of Burden. When I read the book I am sure I won't be able to get the song out of my head.

Phylis said...

I like it when life balances. Sometimes it doesn't very well and then it's up and down. So glad you are writing much more than before. Hope I get caught up with all rewrites and new stuff soon! lol