Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guest Blogger Time--Introducing David Russell

Hey all,

It's Tuesday again, so it is guest blogger time.  I hope to have these every other week for the coming future.

Today I have David Russell, who has been here on my blog before. I've known David professionally since the beginning of my career and it's very nice to have him on my blog again. 

He's an author, a poet and an artist.  I hope you enjoy what he has for us today.

David?  Tell us your thoughts...


I was catalyzed into this area by the work of a friend of mine, who wrote a 'bodice ripper' which contained an exquisite description of a girl stripping of from eighteenth Century costume. This experience was enhanced by my seeing my friend in a bathing costume, and triggered off my first poem, Seduction, which is included in my collection.

I was inspired to produce pictures at the same time. Later, I discovered the video of Parisian Holiday. Cheraye, the model, looks very like my friend did in her younger years. Here is a photo as well as my words of adoration/appreciation...

...I hope this isn't over the top. I found the picture of this lovely girl while browsing on the Internet. She looks so like you used to! That picture could have been of you. As for the poem - some time ago you were very keen to turn me on in your swimwear, and I was inspired to write it in honour of that. (You did have a flash of desire to see my bathing suit striptease.)

Please be assured, you were a vital catalyst in attuning me to this area, both in terms of what you expressed, and in terms of what you were. I also adore and cherish my memory of the beautiful figure you had, and the rapturous, breathtaking revelation of seeing you in a bathing costume.

You were my water goddess, my bathing goddess, my Esther Williams in a one-piece, Ursula Andress in a bikini (I only saw the latter on a distant screen). In a way you were my fitness trainer too; through you I overcame my fear of the water, and managed to graduate to BT Swimathons! You made me value my body and my figure; I was desperate to turn a girl on in my trunks, and I did so!

The picture gave me a brief reverie of you getting a magic rejuvenating potion - hmmm! I think that could be material for a story? With a touch of the occult? Passing thought about a party/orgy in a retro clothing boutique. Another idea: how about the heroine finding herself let loose in such a boutique, a theatrical costumiers or a big theatre wardrobe, and trying on various outfits - from various exotic times and places. With each dressing up there could be a wafting off into reverie to the time and place relevant to the costume. At the end of each reverie, there could be something scary - perhaps angry mobs and vindictive men, and the heroine has to flee - back to wakefulness, to try on the next outfit.

I would love to know lots more about your choicest dressing up and undressing experiences - when you got yourself up in something gorgeously glamorous which led to a fab encounter. I sometimes wish we had met as beautiful strangers in the night, set mutually lusting eyes on each other and had a rapturous encounter. On the You Tube, I sometimes watch the beach scene in From Here to Eternity and imagine us having enacted that.

This is such a great development darling; our imaginations are really burgeoning forth.

Breathily xxxxxx 

I am fascinated by the sensual and the tactile, foreplay and wardrobe. My article Undressing for Love, appears on the net.



Well, there you have it.  A little bit of naughty inspiration about how David gets his ideas.  If you want to learn more about David and his work, go to his blog at http://davidrussell-author.blogspot.com/.  Please let David know what you thought of this blog in the comments below.

I'll be back on Friday with a bit of nonsense about the great state of Texas!  :-)

Until then,

CJ England

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The illustrations are awesome.Nice poetry.